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Domi Online invites you to embark on an ever lasting journey in an expansive medieval world. Explore a vast variety of forests, deserts, ruins, caves and islands, and fight the mythical beasts that roam the land, in search for treasure and unparalleled power.

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Domi Online brings players on an exciting and thrilling MMORPG adventure through a vast medieval world filled with forests, deserts, ruins, caves, and islands. As you explore, you'll encounter mythical creatures and seek out treasure and power. The journey never ends in this expansive and exciting world.

Domi Online is a game with no limits on level or skill advancement, and the consequences of PvP and death are significant. It pays tribute to classic RPGs that are still popular today by incorporating improved old-school level and skill mechanics, but with modern combat systems and graphics. This creates a chance for dedicated gamers to stand out and earn respect, admiration, or fear through their commitment to the game. The in-game ecosystem rewards players for their time investment, both in terms of power and economic value.


Explore Domi Online as a sorceress, priestess, warrior or amazon. Each class has their own strengths and weaknesses, such as higher/lower mana pools and health points. Plus, they each have an ability that lets them emphasize their role better. For example, warriors are able to carry more items in their backpack, while amazon can level up specific skills quicker.

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The starter area for the game is at Saint's Rest by Domi Capital, where a player starts off in a beginner-friendly environment. Here, enemies are non-aggressive unless provoked. As the player progresses through the game and levels up, they'll be stronger and will eventually find their place in the world. By other places, we mean the likes of Araenae Jungle, Batang Forest, Leviathan Cavern, among other extremely dangerous areas filled with monsters for you to slay and collect their loot.

The following list dives a little deeper into what each class brings to the table:

  • Sorceress: Due to their devastating abilities on the battlefield, particularly against larger numbers of enemies, sorcerers hold many of the highest ranks in the Stannfyr war machine.
  • Amazon: In ranged combat, the proud Amazons excel in armor penetration, speed and crowd control, making it challenging to reach them and engage in a melee encounter. They rely heavily on their trusty bows. Amazons, however, are far from easy targets even in face-to-face encounters.
  • Warrior: Warriors live by a single rule on the battlefield - kill or be killed. As masters of axes and swords, they never show mercy.
  • Priestess: The eyes, hands, and voices of the divine in the world of Domi. Those who defy the light are sure to suffer the holy wrath of the Priest.

House NFTs

In each city, there will be a limited number of houses available for purchase, and they will only be available through Domi Online's official house NFT sales. Afterwards, houses can only be bought and sold on supported secondary NFT marketplaces. As future expansions progress, new areas will be added, including new cities, villages, and houses of various tiers.

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Gear and loot follow a very similar principle to how house NFTs behave in-game for Domi Online. The game will reward you with an NFT associated with all your powerful gear (armor, weapons, rings, boots, pants, shields, and amulets). Each one of them can be sold or traded independently on the in-game shop and any other supported third-party  NFT marketplace.

Recent Updates

The developers behind Domi have recently announced a strategic partnership with Beam, signaling a significant enhancement in the game's onboarding process and overall player experience. With the collaboration, Domi is setting the stage for its upcoming open alpha phase, which is anticipated to broaden player accessibility and engagement. A noteworthy advancement is the imminent integration of an in-game storefront and the facilitation of digital asset collectibles. Powered by the Sphere marketplace and leveraging Beam's network, these developments are poised to streamline in-game transactions, making them more efficient and less costly for players.

How to Get Started

Domi Online puts out monthly development updates for all interested players to keep up with the studio's efforts on the game. You can apply right now on the website to get potentially accepted into the ongoing Closed Alpha stage of Domi Online. On the other hand, Domi is also anticipating hosting an Open Alpha stage playtest in March of 2024, giving access to many more players interested in trying out the game.

About Domi Online

Domi Online

Domi Online is an MMORPG set in a medieval fantasy world where there is no level cap or skill cap, and where death has severe consequences.


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