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Dogami offers a cute and pet-based gaming experience where players engage with digital dog avatars known as Dogamí. Through adoption, training, and racing, players unlock the potential of their virtual companions, competing for rewards and honing their skills in a Web3 ecosystem.

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DOGAMÍ is a blockchain-based game that integrates NFTs with interactive Pets gameplay on the Polygon blockchain. Since its launch in 2021, the game has attracted attention for allowing players to adopt, train, and engage in competitions with virtual dog avatars known as Dogamí. 

Game Lore

DOGAMÍ's universe has a rich backstory where Dogamí are depicted as mystical entities with special powers, gifted to humanity by the cosmic entity Anubis. These fluffy companions are crucial in the game's lore, as they defend the Earth against dark forces led by the destructive god Seth. This lore sets the stage for the game, where players are tasked with training their Dogamí in specialized academies to unlock their full capabilities.

Gameplay and Features

Dogami Academy offers players a platform to train their Dogami and compete in races. The academy is designed as a multiplayer management racing game where you prepare your Dogami's skills and development. Players can earn the game's proprietary token, $DOGA, through participation in these races, making gameplay engaging and potentially rewarding.

Skill System and Training

Each Dogami possesses six distinct skills: velocity, swim, jump, balance, might, and instinct. These skills directly influence a Dogamí's performance in various race conditions and obstacles. Players can improve these skills through targeted training sessions, allowing them to strategize developing their Dogamí's strengths.

Races and Competitions

The game features a variety of racing modes, including solo races against AI for practice and skill enhancement, and time trials where players compete against each other for the best times on specific tracks. 

Consumables and Powers

Before engaging in races or training, players can utilize consumables to temporarily enhance their Dogami's abilities or focus. Furthermore, Dogamí come equipped with unique powers that can be activated during races, allowing a strategic edge that can influence race outcomes.

Energy and Progression

An energy system regulates participation in activities, balancing out gameplay. This system requires players to plan their Dogami's training and racing schedule, as each activity depletes energy that gradually replenishes over time. As Dogami gain experience and level up, their skills improve, and new powers are unlocked, providing a sense of progression and achievement.


Breeding is a feature that allows players to create new generations of Dogami by pairing male and female avatars. This process not only contributes to the diversity of the Dogami population but also introduces new traits and skills into the offspring. Breeding is strategic, with considerations for attributes like breed, rarity, and skills, enabling players to plan and enhance their Dogamí lineage for competitive advantages in races and challenges.

Tokens and NFTs Integration in DOGAMÍ

The $DOGA token stands as the game's primary currency, fueling the ecosystem by rewarding player participation and facilitating marketplace transactions. Players earn $DOGA through competitive gameplay, which can then be used for buying consumables, entering special events, and staking for additional rewards. 

The game centers around unique Dogami avatars, each minted as an NFT with distinct attributes affecting gameplay. These avatars vary in breed, rarity, and skills, offering a wide range of strategic options and personalization for players. Breeding between Dogamí NFTs allows for the creation of new avatars, blending traits from parents to produce offspring with potentially unique and valuable characteristics. The in-game marketplace provides a platform for players to trade these NFTs, engaging in an economy where digital ownership and asset value play key roles.

How to Get Started

Dogami is now available for Android and iOS devices and is currently in the middle of the Dogami World Championship Play-to-Mint Event, with all the details you need available in the linked article. For more news and updates about Dogami, follow them on their social media and join their Discord community.

About Dogami


Dogami is a web3 game that blends the excitement of raising cute pet NFT collectibles with interactive gameplay, allowing players to adopt, train, and compete with virtual dog avatars.