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In Dimensionals, players can curate an army from hundreds of heroes, blending traditional JRPG gameplay with deck-building elements akin to Slay the Spire.

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Dimensionals is an immersive game that invites players into a universe brimming with heroes, each possessing unique abilities and backstories. In this game, players have the opportunity to build an army comprising hundreds of heroes, each with their own distinct characteristics and lore. Dimensionals offers players a unique blend of classic turn-based JRPG mechanics and roguelite deck-building elements reminiscent of games like Slay the Spire.

Build an Army of Heroes

Dimensionals boasts a combat system where players select their roster of heroes, equip them with skills, buffs, and items, and then engage in strategic battles. The game challenges players to think ahead, master the shield ability, and utilize the rage mechanic to gain an advantage over formidable foes. With enemies that can debuff, heal, and even deal massive damage, players must constantly adapt their strategies to succeed.

One of the core aspects of Dimensionals is the ability to amass an army of heroes. These heroes come from various backgrounds and dimensions, each bringing their unique skills and attributes to the table. For instance, Atlantis, a loyal friend to Shork, serves as one of the Royal Guards, ensuring the protection of Atlantis.

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Vibrant Characters and World

The game introduces players to a roster of vibrant characters, each with their unique personalities, dialogues, and fighting styles. From Celestrom and Shork to Shadestrike, these heroes are more than just avatars; they have stories, desires, and fears that players can connect with. The game's visuals are crisp and distinct, with a retro comic book art style that adds depth and immersion to the gameplay.

NFT Integration

Dimensionals integrates NFTs directly into its gameplay. Players can acquire Genesis Stones and Eves, two types of NFTs that offer various benefits:

  • Eves: These cute creatures follow players around, providing passive buffs during battles. Eves come in different tiers, from common to mythic, with each tier offering more potent buffs.
  • Genesis Stones: Players can stake these on the Dimensionals website to earn Eve minting privileges. Staking for a specific duration allows players to mint Eves, with bonuses available for staking multiple stones.

In Dimensionals, players have the opportunity to stake and mint. The game incorporates a unique system where minting is only available when a player's wallet has enough stones staked. Additionally, there are bonuses available, such as the Mythic bonus mint, which players can earn in addition to the mythic obtained from staking a mythic.

How to Get Started

Genesis Dimensional Stones and Eve NFT will play a vital part in the game once it's fully launched. For now, the Alpha Trials version of Dimensionals is accessible for both Windows and macOS users. To get started, just visit the Dimensionals website, log in, and download the game.

About Dimensionals


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Dimensionals fuses classic turn-based JRPG mechanics with roguelite deck-building, allowing players to assemble an army of diverse heroes with rich lore.


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