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DeFi Land is a fun agriculture-simulation game that gamifies decentralized finance for easier participation in the world of DeFi and web3 gaming.

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DeFi Land is a unique agriculture-simulation game that gamifies all aspects of decentralized finance, making it easier for individuals to participate in the exciting world of DeFi and crypto. It offers traditional platform features in one place, and users can start playing for free, grind their way up to Play and Earn, compete with others, trade, and dive into DeFi. The native utility token, $DFL, can be used for trading, staking, LP incentives, game mechanics, and governance votes.


The Fishing Game in DeFi Land lets you relax by the fishing pond and cast your line to catch up to 12 beautiful fish. However, catching these fish won't be easy. Each fish has its own personality and challenges that you'll have to overcome by responding correctly to on-screen commands. There is an element of luck in this game, but there is a greater emphasis on skill, so you'll need to practice your fishing technique to be successful.

If you're looking for a more action-packed challenge, then the Shooting Game is for you. In this game, you'll be testing your aim by shooting different targets and power-ups. You'll need to be quick and accurate to hit wolves, ducks, and deer as they move across the screen. If you think you have a sharp aim, see how many headshots you can chain together to reach the maximum score.

The Harvesting Game is another exciting challenge in this farm game. As a true DeFi Land farmer, you'll need to be great at harvesting and fulfilling requested deliveries on time. This game will require strategic thinking as you try to deliver the most crops as quickly as possible while keeping an eye on your fuel gauge. Can you become the ultimate farmer by mastering this game?

No farm is complete without animals, and in this game, you can tend to your own pets. By feeding cows, ducks, and chickens, you can earn resources that are instantly converted into XP. You can also send your cats and dogs on adventures ranging from 1 hour to 1 day, and they will return with even more XP. It's a fun and rewarding way to interact with your animals.

Gen-0 NFTs

On February 9, 2022, the community minted 7500 NFT seeds in their first ever gamified NFT drop. Players watered those seeds for 30 days before they blossomed into the coveted collection of Gen-0 NFTs. Currently, there are approximately 21000 Gen-0 NFTs in circulation ranging from affordable entry-level items to extremely scarce legendary items and 1/1s. The Gen-0 NFTs include the fishing rod, the hunting gun, the harvester, and the animals, each of which unlocks Play and Earn for its specific gameplay and consists of 4 attributes that provide a distinct advantage depending on their rarity and level.

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The fishing rod, a team-favorite, unlocks the fishing game with gorgeously designed NFTs that come with body, reel, hook, and float attributes. Better fishing rods allow players to play for longer and catch more valuable fish. The shooting gun unlocks the shooting gallery, available in shotgun and submachine gun styles, all with the same firing mechanics and ammo. Fierce shooting guns come with barrel, handle, scope, and charm attributes, and better guns allow players to play longer, inflict critical damage, and earn additional bonuses for headshots.

The harvester, with a wide range of appearances, unlocks the harvesting game and looks incredible driving around the farm. The harvesters come with body, harvester type, wheel, and tube attributes, and better harvesters allow players to play for longer and more fuel-efficiently. Your pets unlock the only idle game, with a pet sanctuary for each type of animal on your farm where players can feed them to earn passive rewards. Among the pets are cows, ducks, chickens, dogs, and cats, and better attributes on the animals make it easier to take care of them and earn better rewards.

All of the NFTs require proper care, and repeated use affects their Energy and Health Points, which are global metrics for all types of NFT. Energy is the number of times players can play with an NFT before it requires a cooldown, with each NFT having 2-25 energy, depending on their Energy attribute level. NFTs lose one energy per session, and players can consider upgrading their energy attribute to the max level cap if they want to play more.

In the future, boosting will be introduced, allowing players to pay $DFL or $GOLDY to skip the cooldown. Health points refer to the number of times players can play with an NFT before it requires repairs or healing, with every NFT beginning with 100 health points. Players can take their animals to the vet to be healed or the rest of the gear to the mechanic to get fixed up, and NFTs lose one health point per session. Players can consider upgrading their repair attribute to the max level cap if they want to pay less for repairs.

Recent Updates 

DeFi Land has recently undergone significant updates, including the development of a mobile version. They have also launched a lore-based NFT collection on the Drip Haus platform. Another exciting development is the introduction of a new racing game mode within DeFi Land, named Alpaca Dash.

How to Get Started

DeFi Land is currently in its public beta phase, and can be easily accessed through the game's website. There is no need for any upfront investment to join the game so you can instantly jump in and start planting some seeds.

About DeFi Land

DeFi Land

DeFi Land is a multi-chain agriculture-simulation game created to gamify Decentralized Finance.