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Snapshot V of Deadrop, the new first-person extraction shooter from Midnight Society and Dr. Disrespect, offers a unique extraction-style gameplay by implementing vertical tower map elements, player identification, and proximity chat into the extraction gameplay loop. Every three months, the team at Midnight Society releases a new build or Snapshot of the game, with the latest Snapshot V also being launched alongside a live event featuring Doc and Optic Gaming at their local esports stadium in Arlington, Texas. Similar to other games emerging in the web3 space, the team has decided to release the game publicly in this manner to "build in public" and effectively create an organic community while obtaining direct gameplay feedback on each build iteration.


The implementation of vertical tower map elements adds a new level of strategy and challenge to the game, as players must extract or navigate their way up to avoid a timed rising permafrost. The verticality of the maps provides a fresh perspective on the genre, setting Deadrop apart from other first-person shooters on the market. The combined compactness of the tower and multiple angles from above and below creates a "nowhere is safe" feeling when playing.

Another standout feature of Snapshot V is the player identification system, which helps players form an identity and team up with others in-game. Holders of the "Founders Pass" have a unique visor matching their PFP, identifiable from a distance, and these "Founders" also drop a Variant ID card with their gamer username on it upon death. For example, you can kill Dr. Disrespect in-game and extract his Variant ID card to forever flex that you bested the Doc at his own game.

Additionally, each variant spawns into the game with a unique outfit, so once you figure out your friend is wearing the red sweatshirt, you can easily see who not to shoot. This feature is particularly useful in battle royale extraction gameplay modes, as it allows players to quickly identify who they are teamed up with or fighting against and make informed tactical decisions.

The addition of proximity chat is another standout feature in Deadrop Snapshot V. This feature allows players to communicate with others in their immediate vicinity (about 20 meters), creating a more immersive and social gameplay experience. It also adds an extra layer of realism to the game, as players must be mindful of their surroundings and be careful not to give away their position by literally being on a constant hot mic. Mixed reviews have emerged regarding proximity, as it creates a desire to be quiet when most streamers are trying to maintain conversations with their audience. Everything from karaoke to war journalism interviews can be overheard on The Tower, while the team has also had to combat profanity and other moderation issues as expected.

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While compared to the last Snapshot, the overall gameplay mechanics have definitely improved, they still feel slow and clunky at times. The movement mechanics are not as smooth as they could be, and it feels like a less polished attempt at remaking surfing found in CS:GO. Despite nailing the variety of gun types, the shooting mechanics lack the satisfying feel of other popular first-person shooters due to their incompleteness and missing melee option. Pro snipe clips are still popping up in the community, but we don't see this happening for other gun types. One of the most significant issues with Deadrop is the lack of content. The Tower map is set with no extraction location variety, so after collecting everything, there is little incentive to continue playing.

Overall, Deadrop Snapshot V offers a unique and exciting gameplay experience that sets it apart from other first-person shooters on the market. The implementation of vertical tower map elements, player identification, and proximity chat adds depth and innovation to the extraction-style gameplay loop, while the smooth and polished graphics and sound design create an immersive and engaging gaming experience. While there may be some minor issues with bugs and an inconsistent player base, these are common in pre-release versions of games and are expected to be addressed in future updates. A more complete build and match variety seems achievable, and hopefully, the Midnight Society team will rise above these challenges with Snapshot VI.

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Deadrop Review

Deadrop Snapshot V stands out among first-person shooters with its unique gameplay experience, incorporating vertical tower map elements, player identification, and proximity chat for added depth and innovation. The polished graphics and sound design contribute to an immersive experience. Though minor issues with bugs and an inconsistent player base exist, they are typical for pre-release versions and expected to be resolved in future updates. With a more complete build and match variety in sight, the Midnight Society team aims to overcome these challenges in Snapshot VI.



Unique spin on extraction style shooters

Consistent 3 month build updates

13 unique weapons


Decaying player base issues post launch of new builds

Occasional glitches, bugs and exploits

Lack of gameplay variety, no melee

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