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Dark Throne is an action RPG set in the fantasy world of Izendar, featuring fast-paced gameplay inspired by the "hack and slash" genre. Players control various heroes, battling monsters in randomly generated dungeons with different themes.

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Dark Throne is an action role-playing game inspired by the "hack and slash" genre, set in the dark fantasy world of Izendar. The game offers exciting hitting and fast-paced action gameplay, where various heroes face numerous monsters using their equipment and skills in randomly generated dungeons with various themes.

The game's story revolves around the thousands-year-long ‘Great War of Gods and Demons,’ where Ames, the god of light, struggled to protect Izendar from Zarium, the realm of the demon. The story unfolds with Khaldera's transformation into the Queen of Darkness, leading an army of Zarium demons to destroy the human realm. The warriors rally in Ermeta, the only village left, for the final resistance against the Queen.


Players can immerse themselves in exciting hitting and fast-paced action gameplay with heroes like Paladin, Assassin, and Demon Hunter. The game's environment is filled with randomly generated dungeons with various themes, allowing players to face numerous monsters using their equipment and skills.

Building a party in Dark Throne is a user-friendly experience that doesn't require any coding knowledge. Players can design and build out their parties, drop inventory and toys into them, and configure the rules of the gameplay using just a game controller or mouse/keyboard. The game takes care of the rest, and players can even create a party for others to join if they wish. Additionally, Dark Throne offers flexibility in gameplay options, as parties can be created for multi-player or single-player experiences. Single-players who prefer to fly solo can explore, collect, and complete challenges in The Junction.

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The game introduces a town and league system that adds depth to the gameplay. Players should familiarize themselves with stores at the town's center and remember to level up before entering the dungeon. Skill arrangement is crucial, and players have the option to rearrange them as needed. The League system consists of ten tiers, where players compete to clear stages and earn their place in the ranks. League rankings are updated weekly, with promotions, relegations, and rewards, including crystals for players in the Bronze League or higher. Overall, Dark Throne offers a rich and varied gaming experience, catering to different play styles and preferences.

In-Game Assets and NFTs

In the world of Dark Throne, various in-game assets and currencies play a crucial role in enhancing the gameplay experience. Among these, Magic Scrolls are a unique feature that can be recharged at certain time intervals. As they are charged, the time interval continues to increase, and players have the option to purchase Magic Scrolls using emeralds if they wish.

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Emeralds and Golds are other essential in-game assets that players must manage wisely. These resources are used to upgrade and repair equipment, and saving them can significantly enhance the gameplay experience. Crystals, on the other hand, hold a special place as the only in-game currency that can be exchanged for $EPL at the Hub. They are valuable assets that players can earn through gameplay, particularly within the league system.

How to Get Started

Embark on a thrilling adventure in Dark Throne by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Choose Your Hero

  • Choose from various heroes such as Paladin, Assassin, and Demon Hunter, each with unique abilities and characteristics.

Step 2: Explore the Town

  • Navigate through the center of town, exploring stores and other key locations.
  • If you have enough XP, level up your hero to enhance their abilities.

Step 3: Enter the Dungeon

  • Prepare your hero with the right skills and equipment for the challenges ahead.
  • Explore the dark and mysterious dungeon, facing various enemies and obstacles.

Step 4: Master Battle Strategy

  • Make consecutive attacks by tapping the screen once.
  • Touch the screen twice in a row to cancel a prepared attack.
  • Plan your moves carefully to defeat your foes.

Step 5: Join the League

  • Engage in the League system, which consists of ten tiers.
  • Battle other players and climb the ranks to earn your place among the elite.

Step 6: Upgrade and Repair Equipment

  • Accumulate Emeralds and Golds through gameplay.
  • Use your resources to upgrade your equipment, enhancing its power.
  • Maintain your equipment by repairing it as needed.

Step 7: Exchange Crystals

  • Crystal is the in-game currency in Dark Throne.
  • Crystals can be exchanged for $EPL at the Hub, providing additional value.

And that's it! You're now ready to immerse yourself in the dark and captivating world of Dark Throne. Whether you're exploring dungeons, battling foes, or climbing the ranks in the League, there's something for every adventurer in this exciting game.

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Dark Throne

Dark Throne is a "hack and slash" inspired action RPG set in Izendar, offering fast-paced gameplay with various heroes battling monsters in randomly generated thematic dungeons.