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CyberStella presents itself as more than just a game—it's an entry point into a burgeoning universe that's currently in its developmental phase. While numerous projects promise expansive worlds and intricate lore, it's vital to approach such assertions with a discerning perspective. Currently, the game is finding its footing, and like many titles in development, it possesses strengths alongside areas for enhancement.


The game's premise is rooted in the idle game genre, known for its intermittent engagement. Tailored for short play bursts, idle games like CyberStella typically flourish on mobile platforms. However, the game's current limitation to PC might not ideally suit its genre. The developers have hinted at expanding its accessibility to other devices, yet this remains a prospect for the future.

One of the game's central engagement mechanics revolves around crew members. The number of crew members directly affects a player's available energy and actions. It's a simple system, but the current version lacks depth and complexity. All actions are time-based, which leads to players frequently waiting for timers to complete for progression. While this aligns with idle game standards, the narrative or engagement tied to these timers must be captivating enough to retain player interest.

cyberstella banner.jpg

The game offers an array of characters, each possessing distinct rarities and associated abilities. Despite this promising system, the differentiation between characters, particularly in terms of gameplay impact, remains somewhat subtle. Players can enhance their characters by sending them on missions and adventures, which can transform a low-rarity character into someone more potent and valuable for the crew.

The in-game market, docks, factory, and store introduce a range of items, though their utility and impact on gameplay aren't always transparent. Cosmetic items, for instance, facilitate character customization, but their influence on gameplay mechanics or character abilities remains uncertain.

In its current form, CyberStella embodies several traits of the idle game genre. However, this genre often draws criticism for its passive engagement, and CyberStella doesn't wholly escape this scrutiny. The game could benefit from more active engagement mechanics or visual elements to sustain player involvement during idle intervals. Incorporating animations to simulate actions being undertaken, such as a brief cutscene depicting a crew member boarding a ship before launch, could be impactful.

The developers have outlined plans to enhance the game, aiming for greater immersion and engagement. While such promises are commonplace in the gaming industry, evaluating a game based on its present state, rather than future potential, is pivotal. At its current juncture, CyberStella provides a satisfactory idle game experience. The foundational elements are in place, yet it lacks the refinement and depth required to truly stand out in a crowded market.


In terms of feedback, the game would benefit from clearer progression systems, a broader array of gameplay mechanics, and more engaging animations. While the vision of an expansive universe, complete with manga and intricate lore, is captivating, the game must establish its own merits. External media can complement the gaming experience, but it shouldn't serve as a crutch to compensate for gameplay deficiencies.

CyberStella remains a work in progress. It possesses the potential for an engaging idle game experience, but it's crucial to approach it with measured expectations. The ambitious vision of a broader universe notwithstanding, the game currently requires refinement. Like all titles in development, its potential for evolution exists, but only time will determine if it can fulfill its promises.

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Cyberstella Review

CyberStella is still a work in progress with the potential for an engaging idle game experience. However, it's important to approach it with realistic expectations. Despite its ambitious vision of a larger universe, the game needs refinement at its current stage. As with all developing titles, its ability to fulfill its promises will be determined by time and evolution.



Impressive lore

Reasonably balanced timers

Well-organized layout


Limited to static images

Energy gets consumed quickly

Gameplay visuals more suitable for mobile than PC

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Cyberstella is a visionary Japanese space opera game with a futuristic theme, striving to establish an ever-expanding media universe by leveraging blockchain technology.


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