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Set in a futuristic Japanese space opera universe, Cyberstella seeks to create a cohesive, ongoing multimedia experience by harnessing the power of blockchain technology.

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Cyberstella is an immersive NFT-based, space-opera-themed game set within a vast multimedia ecosystem that includes a community-influenced manga and anime series, all masterfully crafted by the talented Japanese studio Murasaki. In this captivating interstellar world, players are immersed in a universe filled with sci-fi and space opera elements that draw inspiration from classic and modern sources alike.

As players dive into the world of Cyberstella, they are encouraged to take control of their NFTs and chart their destiny among the stars. By assembling and managing a skilled crew, players can embark on exciting journeys to explore distant planets, uncovering hidden treasures and resources along the way. Set within a universe where humanity has successfully colonized the vast reaches of space, Cyberstella offers a thrilling gaming experience that merges cutting-edge NFT technology with a deeply engaging space-opera narrative.

Cyberstella Crew NFTs

In Cyberstella, players embark on thrilling space adventures and undertake challenging missions with their Crews. Crew members possess unique stats and abilities that determine their proficiency in mining resources and discovering valuable items. Players have the freedom to fully customize their Crews, with Crew metadata updating automatically after each modification. For example, equipping new headgear from the marketplace will promptly display the updated headgear on the Crew's image.

Obtaining Crews can be done through various methods, including external marketplaces, private sales, and the Scout function using Scouting Tickets. There are three distinct Crew classes in Cyberstella: Humans (Male and Female), Beasts, and Androids. Crews also come in five different rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Higher rarity Crews boast stronger parameters, higher level limits, more parts, unique backgrounds, golden parts, and other enhancements.

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Players can upgrade the rarity of their NFTs by spending a specified amount of AVAX or $STL. Upgrading NFTs offers various benefits, such as increased level limits and exclusive parts that can only be equipped by rarer NFTs. For instance, head parts are available for Uncommon NFTs and above, back parts for Rare NFTs and above, and background effects for Epic NFTs and above. Crew accessories can be upgraded through the Store function, with additional features potentially being added in the future.

Leveling up Crews is a straightforward process. As players level up their Crew, they receive points that can be allocated to each attribute. Crew levels can be increased by spending $UCC, $STL, and some time, with a 100% success rate when conditions are met. The number of free attribute points gained through leveling up depends on the Crew's rarity.

The requirements for leveling up, such as the amounts of $STL, $UCC, and time, vary based on factors like rarity and current level. Lower-level Crews may have the $STL costs waived. Players should note that they cannot sell or transfer their Crew while leveling up, nor can they level up their Crew while it is listed for sale.


Players can send their Crews on Adventures across the four Planets in Cyberstella, offering them the opportunity to earn valuable rewards. By participating in Adventures, players can obtain crafting materials, Scouting Tickets, and the in-game currency, $UCC, with the potential to earn $STL later on. Each hour of Adventuring consumes one Energy point, but players can decide how many Energy points they want to spend on a single Adventure. Shorter trips require fewer Energy points and yield smaller rewards, while longer trips consume more Energy and provide greater rewards. The outcomes of Adventures depend on the Crew's total parameters and the amount of Energy expended.

Crew vitality may decrease due to various factors, but it can be restored through Cyberstella's advanced medical systems. However, using these systems incurs a fee, and players must spend $UCC to initiate the recovery process.

Adventure Points are used to measure the level of interest players have in each Planet. This feature helps the development team determine which Planets are most popular among users, functioning as a voting process through gameplay. The more popular a Planet is, the more representation it receives in the game's Manga, with additional pages dedicated to it. To encourage stories about specific Planet types, players are advised to embark on Adventures on their preferred Planet type, contributing to its Adventure Points.

Cyberstella also offers an online 3v3 PvP battle feature, where players form battle parties consisting of a spaceship and six Crew members. Token rewards are awarded for winning PvP battles, and the top performers of each season receive NFTs and $STL tokens. Leaderboards are refreshed every season, which lasts 1-2 months, with $STL rewards granted based on players' rankings.

How to Get Started

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Cyberstella is currently playable in its Beta phase directly on your web browser, with the steps to jump into the game detailed in the guide above.

About Cyberstella


Cyberstella is a visionary Japanese space opera game with a futuristic theme, striving to establish an ever-expanding media universe by leveraging blockchain technology.


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