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In the rapidly evolving world of autobattlers, Cyber Titans carves out a space that fuses the intriguing elements of space mutants with the grungy allure of a cyberpunk universe. It's a venture into a neon-lit battlefield that promises innovation but occasionally falls short of genre leaders. The aspiration to deliver another Teamfight Tactics seems to be a theme in web3 gaming that so far none has achieved, and Cyber Titans, as hard as it tries, doesn't really offer anything to keep you hooked to it instead of going to the better version.


At its core, Cyber Titans respects the tenets of the autobattler genre, tasking players with the familiar challenges of selecting and upgrading teams across increasingly difficult rounds. This classical model, while recognizable to veterans of the genre, is given new life through its distinctive cyberpunk narrative. The current game board, limited to a singular map, might feel a tad rudimentary to those familiar with more intricate setups seen in competing titles. Yet, it would be a misstep to mistake this simplicity for a lack of depth. Beneath the surface, a complex strategic framework waits to be explored.

One of the game's standout features is its emphasis on character synergy. Creating a coherent team, one where units complement each other, isn’t just a bonus—it's a necessity. This orchestration can lead to rewards ranging from in-game gold to the ability to command more characters on the battlefield. The color-coordinated card system, interlinked with the alluring crystals, brings another layer to the gameplay. Each color, and its associated crystal, offers bonuses that can pivot the direction of a match. This is admittedly one of the few fresh features Cyber Titans executed well and brought to the genre.

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However, this strategic complexity might be double-edged. Newcomers might feel overwhelmed by the sheer variety of heroes, further compounded by the urgency of a ticking timer during the selection phase. The learning curve is, undeniably, steep. And this initiation isn't always aided by the game's interface, which at times feels less intuitive than one would hope for, necessitating hurried, frantic interactions to decipher its mechanics.

From an aesthetics perspective, Cyber Titans offers a visual journey that's both compelling and occasionally erratic. The game's animations, for the most part, are serviceable, painting the battleground with action. But glitches, although sporadic, can jolt players out of their immersion, creating moments where deciphering on-screen action becomes a puzzle in itself. To draw some inevitable comparison to Teamfight Tactics, which has its own glitches and weird interactions at times, Cyber Titans felt slightly more frustrating to play with characters misfocusing their fire multiple times during the same round, not casting their ability after their bar fills up, and the most rage inducing of all, characters completely standing still and not auto attacking.

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Yet, even with these challenges, Cyber Titans has its redeeming facets. The innovative four-player round-robin setup breathes fresh air into the genre, deviating from the often-seen all-out brawls. Moreover, the commitment to fostering a competitive scene through regular tournaments gives it an edge, enticing players with the thrill of climbing leaderboards and achieving glory.


To sum it up, Cyber Titans is a tantalizing dance between potential and execution. Its deep strategic layers and unique gameplay twists set it apart, but it also contends with minor shortcomings in its user experience and visual presentation. Balance disparities and the occasional whims of the RNG might test players' patience, but those who persevere will find a game that’s rich in lore and complexity. As it stands in the vast cosmos of autobattlers, Cyber Titans comfortably sits above average, signaling a game that's both engaging and ripe for future enhancements.

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Cyber Titans Review

Cyber Titans is a captivating interplay of promise and delivery. While its intricate strategic elements and innovative gameplay nuances make it distinctive, there are minor user experience and visual flaws to consider. Uneven balance and occasional RNG challenges might try players' patience, yet those who persist will uncover a game teeming with depth and lore. Among the autobattler universe, Cyber Titans holds a commendable position, indicating an engaging experience with ample potential for future improvements.



Unique 1v1v1v1 gameplay

Unique visuals and art style

Rich in depth


Imbalance concerns

Complex UI for newcomers

Unclear animation explanations

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