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Welcome to Cyber Stadium, the on-chain GameFi platform where blockchain technology and competitive gaming unite. In this dynamic universe, players engage in daily battles, experience skill-based matchmaking, encounter RNG mechanics and compete for daily prize pools. Cyber Stadium invites individuals to delve into the heart of its on-chain gaming arena, where the thrill of discovering game-changing gear through loot boxes adds an extra layer of excitement to their journey.

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Cyber Stadium is a GameFi platform that fuses on-chain technology with competitive gaming, delivering an unparalleled gaming experience. At its core, Cyber Stadium revolves around simple yet engaging and strategic gameplay. The gameplay loop is minting characters called Gladiators and training them to get better gear. Geared-up characters can then go to the Stadium and battle other players for loot. The Outcome of the battle does not depend on player skill, since it is an auto battler that depends on RNG based on the Gladiator’s gear and stats.


At the core of Cyber Stadium are daily battles, where players engage in thrilling encounters. These daily challenges serve as a foundation for progression within the game. While they are exciting and rewarding, it's essential to note that a player's experience may vary depending on their strategy and skill level.

Once a day, every warrior within the game engages in an automated daily battle against a randomly selected opponent. At the commencement of these battles, the Cyber Stadium's smart contract is locked to prevent any cheating or attempts to exploit the system, such as players trying to withdraw from a match they believe they may lose. Your opponent in these battles is determined using our proprietary algorithm, ensuring fairness in the matchup.

In the Training Grounds, after completing a battle, you are rewarded with a Winner's Box, which has an increased probability of containing better gear.

In contrast, in the Cyber Stadium, after a battle concludes, each participant is awarded an equal percentage of reward. However, it's essential to note that in the Cyber Stadium, losing a battle results in the death of your character, and the associated NFT is permanently removed from the game. Unlike the Training Grounds, there are no loot boxes in the Cyber Stadium.

The platform prides itself on its skill-based matchmaking system, ensuring that players face opponents of similar skill and experience levels. This approach aims to create balanced and competitive matchups, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Success in Cyber Stadium is tied to combat strategies and character statistics. Understanding these mechanics is crucial for players looking to gain an advantage. However, it's worth noting that mastering these elements may require time and effort.

Loot boxes, a staple in many games, are also part of the Cyber Stadium experience. Players have the opportunity to unlock powerful gear through these loot boxes, enhancing their in-game abilities. 

Players can earn daily rewards in Cyber Stadium, providing an incentive to remain engaged with the game. These rewards can be enticing, but their impact may vary depending on a player's commitment.

How to Get Started

Cyber Stadium's gameplay is straightforward, as it operates on-chain and is a simple auto battler game. The outcomes of the game largely rely on stats RNG and the equipment equipped by your Gladiator. To initiate your journey in the game, begin by logging in to the Cyber Stadium website and connecting your wallet. Additionally, to start competing, you will need to acquire a Gladiator NFT.

About Cyber Stadium


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Cyber Stadium

Cyber Stadium is a on-chain GameFi platform that merges NFTs and competitive gaming, offering players daily battles, skill-based matchmaking, RNG elements, and the excitement of daily prize pools.


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