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Lead your army in strategic battles in Corkis, a tactical game that combines the strategic depth of Chess with thrilling medieval-themed battles. Available through your web browser and soon on mobile devices, Conkis offers the opportunity to command armies, collect and trade unique NFT cards, and engage in intense turn-based battles.

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Conkis is a free-to-play, turn-based strategy game that invites players to lead medieval-like armies to victory. Inspired by classics like Chess and the Age of Empires series, the game combines strategic depth with intuitive gameplay mechanics. Commanders strategize to outmaneuver their opponents on a battlefield, capturing flags or annihilating enemy forces. 

Accessible through any modern web browser, with future releases planned for Android and iOS, Conkis also integrates blockchain technology, enabling players to trade, earn, and purchase NFT cards that enhance the gaming experience.

Gameplay and Features

Conkis is filled with various tactical elements, with each unit and card playing a pivotal role in the dynamics of battle. Here’s an in-depth look at the gameplay features:

Cards in Conkis grant strategic advantages, significantly impacting the course of battle:

  • Poisoned Arrow: Allows Archers or Crossbowwomen to incapacitate an enemy unit, preventing it from moving or attacking on its next turn.
  • Wood Shield: Any unit can use this card to block the next incoming attack, providing a strategic defensive play.
  • Holy Berries: Restores the maximum life to a unit, essential for maintaining the longevity of key units.
  • Downwind: Increases a unit’s movement range, especially beneficial for Archers.
  • Adrenaline: Boosts a unit’s damage for their next attack, critical for securing key victories.

Units and Tactical Interactions

Each unit in Conkis has unique characteristics that influence strategic decisions on the battlefield:

  • Knight: Excels in melee attacks and is effective against Slingers and Crossbowomen but is vulnerable to Spearman and Axeman.
  • Spearman: Effective against cavalry with its longer reach but susceptible to Axemen and Archers in close quarters.
  • Axeman: Thrives in close combat against Knights and Spearmen but falls short against ranged attacks from Archers and Slingers.
  • Archer: Specializes in long-range attacks, overpowering Axemen and Spearmen but struggling against faster units like Slingers and Crossbowomen.
  • Slinger: Targets slower, less armored units effectively but is weak against fast-moving units such as Knights and Crossbowomen.
  • Crossbowoman: Offers a combination of mobility and ranged attacks, effective against Archers and Slingers but less so in melee encounters.

NFTs and Blockchain

Conkis uses blockchain technology to add a unique dimension to the game. Key features include:

  • Card Ownership: Cards are NFTs, granting players true ownership of their digital assets.
  • Blockchain Integration: Utilizes the Telos blockchain for secure transactions, with "Coins" as the primary token for purchases within the game.
  • Optional Blockchain Use: Engagement with blockchain and NFTs is optional, allowing players unfamiliar with these technologies to enjoy the game without participation in the NFT market.
  • Play and Earn Rewards: Conkis rewards players through a variety of mechanisms designed to enhance both strategy and engagement. Players can earn cards and card packs by winning battles, completing daily or weekly quests, and participating in seasonal competitions. Units and cards gain experience and can level up, unlocking new abilities or enhancing existing ones. Special events offer unique challenges with rare rewards, while an in-game shop provides additional opportunities for acquiring cards and cosmetic items through purchases using Coins, the game's currency. This reward system ensures continuous motivation and progression for players at all levels.

How to Get Started 

Although Conkis is still in the early stages of development, a beta version of the game is already available for play without the Web3 integrations. You can access it through web browsers or via the Elixir Platform. Once you're in, you can experience the thrill of leading your armies in strategic battles in Conkis.

About Conkis


Conkis is a free-to-play, turn-based tactical game where players lead medieval-like armies to victory, using strategic maneuvers and collectible NFT cards.