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Chibi Dinos


Chibi Dinos are uniquely generated NFTs, granting its owner access to the Chibi universe, including an expansive play-and-earn-game, exclusive Chibi content, a unique secondary market, and one of a kind real world experiences.

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The studio behind this game has abandoned the title and no longer shares any updates. The information on this page is as of the latest public information.


Planet Hoop, the home of Chibi Dinos, is a distant and strange place where a basketball-like game called Primal Hoop is the center of society. The Chibi Dinos live, eat and breathe this ancient game. Long ago, before the formation of the Unity, a catastrophic event destroyed the planet's sacred Orb and changed the course of Chibi Dino society. Remnants of the Orb and cargo from a mysterious ship were scattered across the planet and for generations, the Chibis have searched the surface of their planet in search of moon shards or rare equipment to aid them in their Primal Hoop rituals.

Originally, Chibis was a generative NFT project with traits assigned by mint. A collection of 10,000 2D highly collectable, stylized creatures wearing jerseys of their in-game basketball teams was released with the first release of Chibis. It is not enough for these Dinos to dominate the Basketball Court. They have set their sights on the world as well. They play on one of ten different Dino themed basketball teams in the Chibi universe.

Primal Hoop

Primal Hoop features a competitive arcade-style basketball game. The lower gravity on Planet Hoop allows the Chibi Dinos to perform incredible maneuvers on the court. The gameplay will include a simple control system, with the ability to pass, steal, shoot, block, and execute special moves. Players will have the option to compete in 1v1 or 3v3 matches and can have up to 2 Chibi Dinos on their bench. The objective of the game is either to score the most points or be the team with the highest score at the end of the time limit.

The individual IQ of a Chibi Dino will affect the probability of a Dino successfully making a play in conjunction with the level of the team. As a Chibi Dino plays the game, its stamina bar will decrease, forcing the most used Chibi Dino to slow down and rest. Game stats will be recorded on the blockchain and will follow the Dino throughout its existence.

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Playing with a consistent roster of Chibi Dinos will increase your team level, which ranges from 0 to 100. As you complete games, you will earn tokens, GULP potion to replenish benched Chibi Dinos, and occasionally gear. Team levels reset at the beginning of each season, providing an opportunity for your Chibi Dinos to grow together as a team and unlock incremental performance enhancements.

Games in Primal Hoop take place over seasons lasting 10 weeks. During these seasons, players can participate in competitive ranked matches to level up their team and earn tokens and GULP potions. At the end of each season, there will be a 14-day playoff tournament with high stakes and great rewards. Players who compete in the playoffs can earn HOOP token rewards based on their performance, have a chance at large prize pools for finalists, and gain glory in the form of unique titles.

Adventure and Primal Pick'Em

The game will offer a friendlier and more casual Adventure mode for PvE players to enjoy. The adventure, story, and exploration offered in this mode will be significantly different from the arcade basketball action of the 3v3 game, but works in unison to flesh out everything from lore to new mechanics. In this mode a Chibi Dino will gain experience, level up, develop a skill tree, score rare wearable gear, generate brand new Chibi Dinos from eggs, and fight villains in their quest to find pieces of their demolished sacred moon.

Last but not least, fans of NBA Fantasy will feel right at home with Primal Pick Em. Players in the Chibi Dinos community will compete to climb leaderboards, earn exclusive rewards and bragging rights, and level up their Dinos, all while adding value to their NFTs.

How to Get Started

The Chibi Dinos Primal Pick'Em mode is live on the website, while access to the Primal Hoop mode is currently private. However, NFT holders of Chibi Dinos will receive priority access once it becomes available.

About Chibi Dinos

Chibi Dinos

The Chibi Dinos brand seeks to tie together real world perks, a robust digital landscape, and exciting play to earn gameplay into one cohesive universe.