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Welcome to Chibi Clash, where epic adventures and thrilling battles await in the magical world of Shintidi. As a Legendary Warrior under the command of ambitious Warlords, you'll engage in strategic kingdom-building and intense combat. With a blend of strategy, RPG, and survival elements, Chibi Clash offers a fun and unique gaming experience,

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Chibi Clash is an action-packed online game that blends strategy, role-playing, and survival elements. Set in the mystical world of Shintidi, players take on the roles of Legendary Warriors under the leadership of Warlords. The game features intense battles, strategic kingdom building, and immersive character development. Chibi Clash also integrates blockchain technology, providing players with the opportunity to own and trade unique digital assets within its expansive gaming ecosystem.

Every 5555 years, a celestial event opens a gateway to Shintidi, a hidden world rich in resources and the promise of longevity. As the gateway's emergence approaches, Warlords from all over gather their Legendary Warriors to embark on a quest for Shintidi's treasures and eternal life.

These warriors, each with unique skills and backgrounds, are ready to face the unknown, guided by their Warlords' ambitions. Their goal is to establish an immortal kingdom in Shintidi and secure their place in history. This journey is filled with adventures and challenges, inviting players to join in and shape their destinies.

Gameplay and Features

Chibi Clash offers various gameplay experiences, including action survival, strategic kingdom building, and character interactions. Here are some key aspects:


  • Lu Bu: A legendary warrior from the Three Kingdoms era, Lu Bu finds himself in Shintidi. Known for his combat skills and spirit, Lu Bu uses his halberd, Sky Piercer, to defend Shintidi.
  • Diao Chan: A sorceress from the Three Kingdoms era, Diao Chan uses her mystical powers to protect Shintidi. Her magical abilities and dedication make her a valuable ally.
  • Chitu: A native of Shintidi, is the reincarnation of Lu Bu's horse, Red Hare. As a defender of Shintidi, Chitu's keen senses and quick reflexes make him a formidable protector.

The Five Oracles

The Five Oracles are immortal overseers of Shintidi, each bringing their unique personalities and roles to maintain order and stability. Maoti, the Oracle of Wealth, appears as an elderly white fluffy cat with a glowing medallion, symbolizing prosperity and appearing at critical financial moments. Dash, the Oracle of War, is a young and energetic figure with an eyepatch, embodying the chaos and valor of combat, driven by the belief that "Fortune Favors the Brave."

Uwu, the Oracle of Justice, is a small but intellectually formidable being who values fairness and truth, meticulously observing and ensuring balance in the realm. Melodi, the Oracle of Magic, is a vibrant and high-spirited mage, known for her powerful and visually enchanting magic, often seen in colorful, mood-changing robes. Lastly, Ren, the Oracle of Nature, with his long white beard and twinkling eyes, embodies the wisdom and serenity of the natural world, dedicated to nurturing and protecting all living things in Shintidi.

Gaming Ecosystem

Chibi Clash's ecosystem includes various interconnected projects, blending centralized and decentralized experiences. It aims to introduce blockchain technology to mainstream gamers while providing digital ownership to its community.

Chibi Clash Kingdoms

The Kingdoms metagame, powered by Artemis AI, features 2496 land plots. Players can own and transform pieces of Shintidi, engaging in activities like farming and exploring. Rewards are distributed through the Kingdom leaderboard.

Land plots are represented by NFT smart contracts. Players can purchase or upgrade these plots, fostering a dynamic game environment. Each land plot starts at Tier 1 and can be specialized based on four stats: Fertility Points, Wealth Points, Defense Points, and Prestige Points. Players use action points for farming, exploring, and interacting with the Five Oracles, enhancing their kingdom's development. Players use action points for various activities on the Kingdom Map. Encounters with the Five Oracles offer quests and challenges, influencing strategic decisions.


Clash/Survivor is an action survival game within Chibi Clash Kingdoms. Players control Heroes with unique weapons and abilities, surviving waves of enemies. Scores are based on enemies defeated, with rewards distributed through weekly leaderboards.


Clash/Hero is an autobattler game optimized for mobile. Players engage in battles using strategic item management. The play-to-keep (P2K) mechanic allows players to forge in-game items into permanent NFTs.

NFTs and Blockchain

Chibi Clash integrates NFTs and blockchain technology. Land plots are represented by NFT smart contracts, ensuring secure transactions. Other utility-based NFTs from the Chibi Clash ecosystem include the Chibi Legends and Chibi Citizens. On the other hand, the upcoming $CLASH token serves as the ecosystem's currency, facilitating transactions and rewarding achievements.

How to Get Started

Ready to dive into the world of Chibi Clash? "Kingdoms" and "Survivor" are now live and playable right in your web browser. Just head over to this link and sign up for a Chibi Clash account to get started. Recent major updates includes a successful land plot sale and mobile optimization on the way. 

About Chibi Clash

Chibi Clash

Chibi Clash is a game that mixes strategy, role-playing, and survival in the mystical world of Shintidi. Step into the shoes of Legendary Warriors and lead epic battles, build your kingdom, and dive into blockchain-based gameplay.