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Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles


Champions Tactics Grimoria Chronicles is a brand new PVP Tactical RPG experimental game on PC currently in development at Ubisoft.

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In Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles, players get to form a team of legendary Champions and engage in exhilarating tactical battles against other players, all while exploring the enigmatic world of Grimoria. Ubisoft hints at the integration of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into the gameplay, though details remain under wraps.

The game promises not just strategic battles but also a rich narrative experience. The term Chronicles in the title indicates a storyline that could be shaped by players' actions, potentially influencing the history and legends of the game world. Given Ubisoft's track record of creating immersive narratives, players can look forward to uncovering and even shaping the lore of Grimoria.


In Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles, you have the opportunity to assemble a team of mythical Champions, each with their unique abilities and characteristics. These Champions, drawn from the rich lore of Grimoria, range from mighty warriors to cunning sorcerers, and each brings a unique set of skills to your team.

Once your team is assembled, you can dive into thrilling tactical battles against other players. These battles are not just about brute force; they require strategic planning and clever tactics. You'll need to carefully consider your Champions' abilities, the terrain, and your opponent's strategy to emerge victorious.

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But Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles is not just about battles. As you progress through the game, you'll have the chance to explore the dark and mystical world of Grimoria. This world is steeped in legends and mysteries waiting to be discovered. From ancient ruins to haunted forests, every corner of Grimoria is filled with secrets that can give you an edge in your battles or reveal more about the history of your Champions.

How to Get Started

Champions Tactics recently launched its first NFT collection, "Warlords," featuring 9,999 unique collectibles for the upcoming game Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles. Owners of a Warlord gain early access to Champion mints, VIP community status, and exclusive in-game perks, making it advantageous for players to secure a Warlord for the game's launch. Keep updated with all things Champions Tactics by following their social media and joining their Discord server.  

About Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles

Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles

Champions Tactics Grimoria Chronicles, a novel PVP Tactical RPG experimental game, is under development at Ubisoft for PC.






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