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Champions Arena stands as a turn-based RPG within the expansive Gala ecosystem. Crafted by OneUniverse, a distinguished game art studio hailing from South Korea, this title shines bright. Notably, OneUniverse encompasses eight diverse studios under its banner, alongside six metaverse titles, establishing itself as a prominent web3 game developer, boasting abundant creative prowess.

Presently, Champions Arena beckons through the Gala launcher on PC, extending its reach to both major mobile operating systems via native app stores. On PC, the game proudly touts modest hardware requirements, ensuring accessibility across a wide spectrum of players.


Upon initiating the game, players are greeted by the main menu, showcasing their primary character and an array of options spanning various battles, stores, and customization choices, including the selection of champions to wield in the game.

Many of these options remain locked until players complete the initial leg of their campaign. This entails navigating through the tutorial phase, where a series of battles bestow initial levels upon players while offering informative cues regarding the functionality of each facet within the user interface.

Engaged in battle, the bottom left corner of the screen unveils the player's summoner, armed with abilities and mana garnered through strategic champion abilities during the battle. Each champion seizes a single action per turn, leveraging a card drawn from the player's deck. This deck houses six playable cards that may be combined to manifest diverse abilities, varying in both potency and effects.

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Once players complete the initial tutorial, they can claim daily idle rewards and collect log-in bonuses. This demonstrates the game's comprehensive retention mechanisms designed to continually reward players for their ongoing activity. Alongside log-in and idle rewards, players can undertake quests that provide additional resource boosts, including coins, essence, and champion experience, crucial for leveling up champions.

Players can amass more champions by completing the campaign or summoning them within the summoner's realm at the general estate, using gems available through the Gala store. While the campaign starts with fifteen stages, it opens up to an extensive array of diverse lands waiting to be explored.

Two additional engaging activities are Mayhem and Challenge. Mayhem permits players to dispatch champions to explore lands, yielding basic resources. The Challenge encompasses two areas: the Arena and the Tower of Trial. In the Arena, players engage in battles, amass ranking points upon victory, and receive rewards corresponding to their rank and number of wins.

Champions Arena boasts an effective player induction loop that keeps players deeply engaged during their initial gameplay. As players enhance their champions, they receive guidance on necessary steps to progress through subsequent stages. However, the summoner's realm segment remains a tad confusing, leaving players uncertain about additional opportunities or acquiring their realm.

While the graphics may not align with Unreal Engine 5's latest standards, they are meticulously crafted. Every in-game action, from card combinations to menu exploration, offers visually pleasing experiences enriched with vibrant colors that captivate players. Combat graphics are equally compelling, with each ability accompanied by animations that directly impact opponents, extending to the summoner spells executed to perfection.

Gameplay offers an adept blend of strategy and diverse options for exploration. From champion-mining lands via the Mayhem menu to PvE campaigns enhancing champions, to Arena battles and PvP challenges, players have an array of engaging choices. The user experience is highly satisfactory, with an easily navigable interface. Players can opt for auto-battle or double-speed options, catering to varying playstyles.

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While PvP suits competitive players seeking alternatives to campaign grinding, limitations exist as many PvP competitors field level 60 champions. This might disadvantage players with lower-level champions, suggesting potential room for improvement by matching champions' levels alongside ranking points.

For casual players cherishing the campaign, numerous objectives await completion, as indicated in the provided map. The campaign's escalating difficulty curve provides a substantial challenge, enhancing the game's allure.

Champions Arena excels in the auditory realm. Soundtracks shift seamlessly, complementing interactions within different menu sections. Combat audio is immersive, with individual abilities carrying distinct sound effects. However, some variation is needed in overall combat audio to prevent monotony—a potential avenue for audio enhancement.


While Champions Arena features engaging retention mechanisms and diverse reward options are commendable, post-campaign gameplay can feel somewhat grindy. Competitive players may hesitate with PvP until they upgrade their champions to level 60, potentially impeding their engagement. Moreover, the option to purchase gems for summoning champions raises concerns about potential pay-to-win perceptions, favoring players with deeper pockets.

Nevertheless, Champions Arena stands as a high-quality title, evident from its 30,000+ downloads since launch. If you're a casual RPG enthusiast, particularly on mobile platforms, this game might easily become a favored pick. With future improvements and community growth, it has the potential to become a premier title within the Gala ecosystem and mainstream gaming alike.

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Champions Arena Review

Champions Arena presents engaging retention strategies and diverse rewards, yet the post-campaign phase can feel grind-heavy. PvP competitiveness requires reaching level 60 with upgraded champions, possibly limiting early engagement. Concerns arise regarding the purchase of champions through gems, potentially favoring those with greater financial resources. Still, with over 70,000 downloads since release, Champions Arena is a quality title, appealing to casual RPG fans on mobile. With enhancements and community expansion, it could emerge as a standout in the Gala ecosystem and broader gaming landscape.



Excellent onboarding and player retention

Effective tutorial

Immersive audio and visuals


Monotonous combat audio

PvP viable in later stages

Lack of clarity on acquiring player realm

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Champions Arena, a turn-based RPG, enables players to gather over 100 NFT Champions and items, commanding them in real-time tactical battles.




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