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Champions Arena, a new turn-based RPG, players collect unique NFT Champions and items, leading them directly in strategic, real-time combats.

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Champions Arena is an innovative turn-based role-playing game, offering players the opportunity to amass a collection of more than 100 distinctive NFT Champions and an array of NFT items. You have the option to delegate missions to your Champions or take direct control of them in thrilling real-time, strategic, turn-based confrontations.


In Champions Arena, players can select from an extensive range of adaptable and customizable Champions, using their unique abilities and spells in strategic turn-based combat to overcome adversaries and earn victories.

Each Champion brings a unique flavor to the game, allowing players to form their team according to their own distinctive playing style. Players will fuse skills to create potent and unique combinations, collect formidable relics and gear, and train their Champions to become the reigning power in the arena.

While the gameplay is grounded in strategic, turn-based battles, Champions Arena also offers both solo and guild PvP. Champions can embark on quests for essential resources or stay by your side for PvE campaigns, PvP or Co-op mode.

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Victorious Champions will accumulate new spell and skill cards to enhance their battle prowess. Players can merge weaker abilities into more powerful versions, but efficient Energy management is key to victory. Crafting the perfect deck of cards to send your Champions into battle is crucial, as is timely execution.

A brand new Challenge Mode has been introduced with the latest playtest: The Tower of Trials. This dangerous path tests your Champions to their limits, but those who persist through its grueling levels may find valuable equipment as a reward.

To further augment your Champions team, a premium summoning option has been implemented. This new premium summon guarantees Champions, eliminating the chance of receiving a stone.

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Your Estate serves as the home base for your Champions as they prove themselves in the arena. With the latest playtest, you can manage your own Estate or team up with a friend in theirs.

Following the successful sell-out of their Mystic Box collection, which includes a variety of in-game NFTs such as Champions of various rarities and gems, Champions Arena has recently unveiled its 2024 roadmap. This roadmap highlights plans for further enhancements to the Battle Pass system, the introduction of new Champions, an Elite Gacha System, Guild Wars, and various themed events.

How to Get Started

Champions Arena is now available on Windows, Android, and iOS. Visit their Gala page to choose your preferred platform to play the game on. Keep updated with all things Champions Arena by following their social media accounts.ย 

About Champions Arena

Champions Arena

Champions Arena, a turn-based RPG, enables players to gather over 100 NFT Champions and items, commanding them in real-time tactical battles.




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