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Chain Crisis, a multiplayer game on Solana, was released to gamers first in 2024. With over 20 years of software development experience, James is a single developer producing this title. Currently players can test out the PvE mode storyline that has been developed to test out the core game mechanics.

In terms of the lore, Warpgate City was a cultural nexus where diversity thrived until the collapse of the global order plunged it into turmoil. Riots ensued, leading to the near annihilation of the local government and initiating a perpetual struggle for control among corporations and slumlords. In 2088, Warpgate City remains a fusion of advanced technology and endemic crime. Bioengineering, including cybernetic body replacements and neural implants, has become pervasive, offering not just survival but opportunities for prosperity amidst the ongoing chaos.

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The game is currently available through epic games with access codes and requires a decent pc build to enjoy in its current state.


In Chain Crisis, players dive into the heart of Warpgate City, a cyberpunk metropolis on the Solana blockchain, where tactical action, customization, and multiplayer experiences await. Here's what the gameplay entailsPlayers engage in a hybrid shooter game that has elements of close combat and cyber abilities. The game features multiple character classes, each equipped with distinct skills and weapons.

Players have the option to customize their avatar's gender, appearance, and name upon entering the game.

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Beginning from an armory, players acquire Cyberdecks, a material that grants their characters abilities and buffs. They must also choose their primary, secondary, and melee weapons, each offering different advantages and playstyles.

Throughout the game, players navigate through buildings, engaging enemies who can attack either from distance or close range.


Looking at the graphics of Chain Crisis, they are designed to a reasonable standard, with a few bugs and glitches occurring while playing. An example of this is the gun showing at the handle of the sword when wielding the sword sometimes. Other than this, Chain Crisis does well in terms of graphical standards in its genre.

Evaluating the audio design of the game, there are several areas for improvement. One of these is the final boss having no sound effects on his gun attacks or movements.

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Diving into the gameplay aspect of Chain Crisis, there is currently only a PvE mode for what is stated as a multiplayer game. The gameplay available inside the PvE mode provides a good insight for the gamer as to what they should expect in the future of Chain Crisis. The overall mechanics work smoothly; however, there needs to be a slight adjustment to the way the characters move and jump, as it currently looks quite unnatural. Another issue that occurred during the playtest was the inability to change back to the main gun and use it after initially running out of ammo.

Overall, I would rate this game a 4/10 currently. The reasoning for this score is that when this game is compared to others in its genre, it is currently underperforming. However, it is important to note that Chain Crisis is a solo-dev created game, which is an impressive feat. Once the issues mentioned above are resolved and furthermore modes are available, it will be fairer to compare this to others in its genre.

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Chain Crisis Review

The graphics in Chain Crisis meet reasonable standards but have occasional bugs like a sword showing a gun handle. Audio design needs improvement, particularly for the final boss's attacks and movements lacking sound effects. Overall, achieving a rating of 4/10, as it underperforms compared to others in its genre.



Decent graphics

Includes a PvE mode


Several bugs and glitches

Limited gameplay and replayability

Lack of difficulty due to unlimited respawn

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Chain Crisis

Chain Crisis is an on-chain MMORPG set in the cyberpunk dystopia of Warpgate City, where players navigate a world of high-tech warfare and corporate espionage.