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Cantina Royale


Welcome to Cantina Royale, where fast-paced multiplayer battles meet an action-packed top-down shooter experience. The game offers a wide selection of characters and weapons, catering to various playstyles, all within a free-to-play model.

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Cantina Royale is a top-down mobile shooter game that offers an action-packed multiplayer experience. It features intense battles, a variety of unique characters that bring the galactic battles to life, and an extensive weapon system. Players can earn rewards as they navigate the universe of Cantina Royale, proving their skills in interstellar combat.

Gameplay and Features

Cantina Royale is centered around its multiplayer battles, where players can engage in online matches against each other players. The game's top-down shooter mechanics bring the players straight into fast-paced action, allowing for quick reactions and skill-based gameplay.

Unique Champions and Weapons

The game has a diverse selection of champions, each with their own set of abilities and stats. This variety caters to different play styles and strategies, making sure that players can find a character that suits their approach to combat. Additionally, Cantina Royale features an extensive weapon system, giving the players the chance to customize their loadout and strategically prepare for each battle. 

NFTs and Blockchain

Cantina Royale incorporates NFTs and blockchain technology into its gameplay. The game features NFTs as playable characters through its Space Apes collection, which includes characters of varying rarities. Notably, Cantina Royale is built on the MultiversX blockchain (formerly Elrond Network), leveraging its high-speed and scalable infrastructure to provide a seamless and secure play-to-earn environment for its players

Genesis Space Ape Collection

The Genesis Space Ape Collection is the first NFT collection released within Cantina Royale. Owners of these NFTs can earn additional rewards from future NFT characters generated through recruiting. The collection emphasizes the importance of rarity, with higher rarity NFTs offering better starting and maximum stat & perk scores.

NFT Weapons

In addition to characters, Cantina Royale introduces NFT weapon collections. These weapons provide players with the opportunity to earn, trade, and enhance their arsenal with unique bonuses. The first collection, Arsenal X, includes weapons with special abilities that become available at higher star levels.

Play-to-Earn Mechanism

Cantina Royale's play-to-earn mechanism allows players to earn rewards through gameplay. This includes participating in battles, climbing the ranks, and engaging with the game's NFT elements. 

How to Get Started 

Step 1: Download the Game

  • Begin by downloading Cantina Royale from your mobile device's app store. The game is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Step 2: Create an Account

  • Once installed, open the game and follow the prompts to create a new account. You can start playing without any wallet requirements or hidden fees, thanks to its free-to-play model.

Step 3: Choose Your Character

  • Explore the roster of unique champions available in Cantina Royale. Each character comes with its own set of abilities and stats. Select one that aligns with your preferred playstyle.

Step 4: Dive into Battle

  • With your character selected and controls mastered, you're ready to jump into the action. Participate in online multiplayer matches, compete with other players, and start earning rewards.

About Cantina Royale

Cantina Royale

Cantina Royale is an action-packed top-down shooter game that combines competitive online multiplayer action with a rewarding play-to-earn system.


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