Enter the realm of briq, a creative block-building adventure akin to LEGO, reimagined on the StarkNet blockchain. This platform invites you to construct imaginative NFTs, connect with fellow builders, and explore the endless possibilities of digital construction. Embrace the fusion of nostalgic block-building fun and cutting-edge blockchain technology with briq.

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briq game.jpg


Imagine a place where the simple joy of assembling building blocks like LEGO is transformed into a cutting-edge digital experience. Welcome to briq, a unique platform where these digital blocks, known as briqs, are not just elements of play but gateways to creating your own NFTs. Powered by StarkNet, briq combines the security of Ethereum with exceptional performance, making it an ideal playground for digital builders and collectors.

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What is briq?

briqs are the heart of the briq platform – digital building blocks stored on the blockchain, allowing you to construct and deconstruct NFTs at will. Think of them as LEGO blocks but in the digital realm, with a twist: they are ERC-1155 compliant tokens, making them a unique blend of fun and technology. Build anything you can imagine, and if you change your mind, simply disassemble and start anew. Your creativity is limitless with briqs.


Gameplay: Building, Sharing, and Evolving

  • Infinite Creativity: Let your imagination take the lead as you create everything from simple shapes to elaborate designs in this expansive digital space.
  • Flex your Work: Share your briq creations with a global community that values digital artistry and innovation.
  • On-chain Building Experience: Enjoy a seamless and intuitive building experience, courtesy of StarkNet's advanced technology.

How to Get Started

Briq, now live on the Starknet mainnet offers a unique on-chain building experience. To dive into this innovative platform, a basic understanding of the Starknet ecosystem and familiarity with web3 wallets is essential. If you're already equipped with this knowledge, here’s a streamlined guide to kickstart your journey in the world of briq.

  1. Acquire Your briqs: Your first step is to visit briq construction website. You can also press the Play Now button on this page to easily jump into briq.  With a continuous production of approximately 200,000 new briqs each year, you'll find an ever-replenishing stock for all your creative endeavors.
  2. Create and Recreate with Flexibility: The briq builder serves as your creative playground for crafting imaginative designs. Should you choose to disassemble an NFT, you'll get all your briqs back, setting you up perfectly for your next creation. You have flexible building options: mint your creation and then pay for the used briqs, or buy briqs beforehand. You can also delve into the secondary marketplace to purchase pre-assembled sets, which can be dismantled for additional briqs. Plus, the builder is accessible even without briqs, allowing everyone to try their hand at building.  
  3. Engage with the briq Community: The briq platform is more than a digital building space; it's a vibrant community for sharing, inspiration, and collaboration. Here, you can showcase your unique creations, exchange ideas, and thrive in a creative and supportive environment. Briq frequently collaborates with other Starknet communities, leading to engaging building events complete with fun challenges and attractive prize pools. These events are perfect for testing your skills, learning from others, and enjoying the thrill of competition.

About Briq


Discover briq, a unique block-building experience on StarkNet, reminiscent of LEGO, where you can craft, share, and trade distinctive NFTs in a vibrant digital playground.