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Bridgeworld is a game of social coordination through the formation of guilds enabling collective strategies around resource accumulation and optimization.

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Bridgeworld is a strategic commerce game that's part of Treasure's blockchain metaverse. Created by the TreasureDAO team, it allows players to earn $MAGIC tokens and Treasure NFTs, which can be used in other games. By playing Bridgeworld, players gain resources to enjoy the entire ecosystem. Treasure NFTs and $MAGIC are designed for use across multiple games, creating bridges between different game worlds.


Legions are essential to Bridgeworld gameplay, summoning others, embarking on quests, mastering trades, and governing territories. They can be rewarded for completing tasks and stationed in MAGIC Mines for better mining efficiency. As the metaverse grows, Legions will become central protagonists, exploring interconnected metaverses and absorbing new experiences and cultures.

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Legions in Bridgeworld are categorized by generation (Genesis or Auxiliary) and rarity (Common, Rare, or Legendary). The value of a Legion depends on its generation and rarity, with Rare Genesis Legions being more valuable than Uncommon Genesis Legions. All Legions, except for Rare and Legendary Genesis, must go on a 24-hour Pilgrimage to obtain a Class before participating in other activities. The supply of Genesis Legions is fixed, while the supply of Auxiliary Legions will scale to meet demand. Both Genesis and Auxiliary Legions can be purchased at the Treasure Marketplace.


Stake $MAGIC in Atlas Mines for passive gameplay, earn returns and vote on TreasureDAO governance proposals. Deposit Legions (Genesis and Auxiliary) and Treasures to increase mining power for a share of emissions. Questing requires Legion NFTs and can be done at the Ivory Tower for Treasure fragments, Essence of Starlight, and Prism Shards. Genesis Legions can also mine Treasures.

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To craft consumables in Bridgeworld, a Legion NFT and Treasure are required. Crafting can increase a Legion's Crafting Level and enable them to craft more difficult recipes, including Major Crafting that creates Prisms. Summoning new Auxiliary Legions also requires a Legion NFT, and only Auxiliary Legions can be summoned. Summoning takes 10 days and incurs a MAGIC cost that increases with each summon. Prisms can be used to increase the chance of summoning a rarer aux legion.

How to Get Started

Legion NFTs are at the core of Bridgeworld. You will need to bridge over $MAGIC to the Arbitrum network on your Metamask wallet. After obtaining MAGIC in your wallet, you can start playing the game. To train a Recruit in the Barracks, you need 10 MAGIC. However, if you have more, you can visit the marketplace to acquire more powerful Legions immediately.

About Bridgeworld


Bridgeworld is a game of strategic commerce, trade and social coordination.