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BR1: INFINITE Royale is a risk-based game where users pay to spawn into a huge map, populated by hundreds of additional players.

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BR1: INFINITE is a third-person shooter game that utilizes a risk-based system, built on the Solana Blockchain. It is an "Infinite Royale" where players pay a $1 fee in SOL to enter the game and earn rewards for eliminating other players. The reward for eliminating an enemy is either $1 or 10% of the enemy's total earnings in the game. Players can keep 85-90% of the rewards they earn during the game. Now, this concept for any avid shooter fan is extremely attractive, capitalizing on your skill to get rewarded for actively playing the game. Let's dive more into what BR1 has in store for its players and what an Infinite Royale actually means.

Game Modes

Infinite Royale is a unique pay-to-spawn, kill-to-earn shooter game mode in BR1: INFINITE that comes with a risk-based element. Players spawn into a map with up to 300 other players and work their way towards the center, where they can access stronger weapons, ammo, and equipment. However, obstacles limit the ability to return to the edge. Players earn 10% or the 'Spawn Fee' for each player eliminated and keep 85% of their earnings when eliminated. There is no timer or set end to the game, allowing players to progress at their own pace.

For you to come out alive with your earnings, you will find a in the upper right corner of the screen, next to the display of your earnings, a feature called the "Survival clock." It is represented by a blue bar that gradually fills over a period of 10 minutes. Once the bar is completely filled, players can activate the action button to initiate a 30 second countdown. If a player remains still and does not take any damage during this countdown, they will be automatically removed from the game and retain 90% of their earnings.

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However, if the player moves or takes damage at any point during the countdown, the timer will reset and the player will need to wait for the bar to fill again before attempting to survive again. This adds an incredibly tense and competitive layer to BR1 and its unique shooter experience.

Down the line, Bravo Ready intends to offer a similar experience on mobile devices, titled Infinite Free-For-All. It is envisioned to be a condensed version of Infinite Royale. In this version, players can play for free and earn real-life money for each kill they make. It will serve as an introduction to the Bravo Ready Shooter-verse, where players can develop their skills before attempting the more competitive and risk-based Infinite Royale in BR1: INFINITE.

Character NFTs

In the world of BR1, players can choose from a variety of unique and customizable playable characters known as NFTs (non-fungible tokens). These NFTs include Apes, Droids, and Humans, each with their own distinct abilities and attributes. The Apes are known for their brute strength and powerful melee attacks, while the Droids are highly skilled in technology and long-range combat. Humans, on the other hand, are versatile and well-rounded characters that can adapt to various situations. Players can collect and trade these NFTs on the marketplace, adding to their collection of playable characters and unlocking new possibilities in the game.

In BR1, Apes are genetically engineered and neurologically enhanced chimpanzees that are bred to obey humans, and in some cases, controlled remotely. They are primarily used as a low-cost form of manual labor in the real world, as an alternative to expensive heavy alloy droids or human labor. Droids, which can be either sentient or remotely controlled, are militarized robots produced by the government.

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They are primarily used for completing dangerous tasks to avoid human casualties. However, due to the high density alloys used to produce them, droids are only available to the government and the incredibly wealthy, who use them to participate in the BR1 Games. In this society, the gap between social classes is substantial and growing, with everyday people struggling to survive with limited access to resources or work opportunities. Despite this, circumstances can arise that force everyday people to participate in BR1.

How to Get Started

Players now have the opportunity to test the beta version of the BR1 game, available for Windows, by visiting the BR1 website. Take note that registration is required before gaining access to the download. As of February 2024, BR1 is preparing for the imminent launch of their newest collection named "Lootboxes," which will feature a variety of valuable BR1 NFTs inside. To stay updated on this new collection, follow their social media channels.

Players can also buy or sell their BR1: Operatives in the BR1: Marketplace or through open marketplaces like Fractal, Magic Eden & OpenSea. If you don't own an Operative, you can rent one through the manual rental system on the website. Once you are logged in, you can access the Download Page to start playing.  




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BR1: INFINITE, the worlds first risk-based shooter.