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Born To Die


Born to Die combines the thrill of FPS gaming with the innovation of blockchain technology. Set in the captivating ZetaVerse, players navigate through a pandemic-ravaged world with over 200 levels, engaging in both PvE and PvP battles. This game not only challenges your strategic and combat skills but also integrates a unique web3 economy, making every decision and action impactful in its expansive universe.

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Born to Die is an innovative first-person shooter game developed on the BNB Chain, crafted by a team renowned for their AAA game development expertise. This game uniquely merges intense action with strategic gameplay, all set within a richly detailed, blockchain-integrated environment. Here, players find themselves in a world where every choice and strategy has significant impact, underpinned by the innovative use of tokens and NFTs.

The World of Born to Die

The game's narrative is set across five parallel universes in its inaugural season, offering varied gameplay modes such as Mission Mode, PvP, and Battleground. The central storyline unfolds in the ZetaVerse, a world devastated by a severe pandemic. Players are tasked with a critical mission: to travel back in time and destroy the source of this catastrophic disease. This journey is fraught with challenges and shrouded in mystery, urging players to uncover hidden secrets and navigate complex scenarios.

In Born to Die, the game world is rich with diverse components. Players can choose from over 100 base heroes, each available as NFTs with unique skills and attributes. The game's arsenal includes a wide range of upgradable weapons, armors, and vehicles. Additionally, the game features a unique metaverse where labs play a crucial role. These labs conduct experiments with elements and compounds minted by players, potentially unlocking new abilities and secrets that aid in the progression of heroes.

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Gameplay Mechanics

The gameplay mechanics in Born to Die are intricate and demand strategic resource management. Players are required to judiciously use rare earth metals and gems, which are not only vital for upgrading heroes and weapons but also essential in crafting the Portal Key. The game encourages teamwork and collaboration, with players forming alliances and groups to advance through their missions.

Born to Die features over 100 unique heroes, each with distinct skills and attributes, available as NFTs. Players can choose from a variety of characters, ranging from agile scouts to powerful assault heroes, each enhancing the gameplay experience. These characters are central to the game's narrative and can be upgraded with in-game items, offering diverse strategies in both PvE and PvP modes.

In the PvE (Player vs. Environment) aspect, players face off against the game's environment and AI-controlled adversaries. These challenges necessitate strategic planning and effective use of resources. Successful completion of PvE missions unlocks new levels and rewards, adding depth to the gameplay experience.

The PvP (Player vs. Player) dynamics in Born to Die are equally engaging. Players compete against each other, testing their combat skills and strategic acumen in a highly competitive environment. This is further enhanced by the game's advanced AI, which ensures that no two gameplay experiences are the same, keeping players constantly engaged and adapting their tactics.

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Economy and Beyond

Integral to Born to Die is its robust game economy, where NFTs play a central role. Players have the opportunity to earn, purchase, and trade these NFTs, which are key to progressing in the game. The staking mechanism is designed to reward active and dedicated players, adding an extra layer of engagement.

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Guilds in Born to Die offer players the chance to collaborate and earn passive income, participating in tournaments and special events that enrich the gaming experience. The marketplace is a vital component of the game, where players can trade NFTs and other in-game items. Effective liquidity management in the marketplace is crucial, impacting the availability and value of items, thus influencing players' strategies and economic benefits.

How to Get Started

As of the time of writing, "Born to Die" is hosting an exciting Beta Access playtest! Don't miss this opportunity – register for the event at Born to Die Game Access and start playing right away. Please note that the game is currently available exclusively for Windows users. To ensure a smooth gaming experience, make sure your system meets the following requirements:

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 (4 Core)
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 4GB Graphics Card

About Born To Die


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Born To Die

Born to Die is a first-person shooter game set in a dynamic blockchain-integrated world, offering an immersive blend of strategy, action, and web3 economy.


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