BloodLoop is an innovative Hero-Shooter & MMO game that combines the mechanics of leading competitive video games with blockchain technology. It offers a unique gaming experience where players can demonstrate their skills and own their assets.



BloodLoop is an innovative Hero-Shooter & MMO game that combines the mechanics of leading competitive video games with blockchain technology. It offers a unique gaming experience where players can demonstrate their skills and own their assets. The game is designed to cater to both FPS enthusiasts and players who enjoy MMO and social components.

Lore and Factions

The narrative depth of BloodLoop is evident in its lore and factions. The game introduces players to a world where elite warriors, representing different ideologies and powers, clash in epic battles. These heroes are sent by their factions to fight in controlled realms, a design that allows for the full might of each faction to be displayed without causing irreversible damage to the remnants of their planet. This narrative structure adds a layer of complexity and intrigue to the game, inviting players to delve deeper into the world of BloodLoop and align themselves with a faction that resonates with their own ideologies.


Heroes and Teamwork

Teamwork lies at the heart of BloodLoop's gameplay. The game emphasizes the importance of synergy and collaboration, encouraging players to strategically combine their powers to achieve victory. This focus on teamwork leads to the creation of devastating combos, control of key areas, and the ability to outmaneuver opponents. This approach not only adds depth and complexity to the gameplay but also fosters a sense of camaraderie among players. It encourages experimentation with different hero combinations, ensuring that each match is a unique and dynamic experience.

Game Modes

BloodLoop offers a variety of game modes to cater to different playstyles. The primary mode features intense 5v5 plant-the-bomb battles, where strategy and teamwork are crucial. Teams must plant and defend bombs at designated sites, requiring coordinated efforts and tactical planning. The game's dynamic maps add another layer of complexity, featuring controllable elements like destructible barriers, hidden pathways, and interactive traps. These elements ensure that the battlefield is always evolving, challenging players to adapt and strategize in real-time. For those seeking a more straightforward combat experience, BloodLoop also offers secondary modes like Deathmatch and free-for-all, focusing on fast-paced, thrilling battles.

NFT Integration

Bloodloop recently launched its Genesis NFT collection called Energy Manipulator, a 300 supply collection offering a range of benefits to its holders. These NFTs not only secure guaranteed whitelist spots and free mints for upcoming collections but also enhance the airdrop quantity for future tokens. Holders gain early access to the game, receive unique skins at launch based on NFT rarity, and enjoy reduced fees for in-game crafting.

Additionally, the collection introduces a secondary collection called S.E.M. Capsules, allowing holders to stake their NFTs to generate points through daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, exploring the game's lore and supporting their faction. Factions compete weekly for a bonus multiplier, enhancing their Affinity Score, with points eventually converting into $BLS tokens at a fixed rate at the end of each Airdrop Season.

Roadmap and Future Developments

Looking to the future, the BloodLoop team is dedicated to a phased approach that prioritizes community building, early access, major updates, and continuous improvement. The roadmap is ambitious, with plans for guild creation, the introduction of additional characters, and new maps. These developments aim to foster an active and passionate community, ensuring that BloodLoop continues to evolve and respond to the needs and desires of its players.


How to Get Started

After a successful mint of their NFT collections, Bloodloop is moving towards more community playtests that will lead to a full game launch by the end of 2024. Also, their economy token, $BLS, is planned for its Token Generation Event in the first quarter of 2024. This presents an exciting chance for gamers to see the game's innovative features and gameplay early on. A special tip for collectors and enthusiasts: owners of BloodLoop Genesis NFTs will get priority access to playtests and other utilities. 

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BloodLoop is a 5v5 Hero-Shooter built leveraging web3 technology. Whether you want to play strategic 5v5 battles and learn the team synergies of each character's skills, compete in all-on-all confrontations, or climb the leaderboards with competitive matches, BloodLoop got it for you.


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