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Blockchain Brawlers is a game that is designed to appeal to fans of card games and wrestling. The game features 4 main sections, each of which is designed to help players get started with the game and understand its mechanics. The “How to Play” section provides a comprehensive guide to the game, while the “Play” section is where the actual gameplay takes place. The “Start Crafting” section allows players to craft new cards, and the “Burn” events section is where players can take part in special events that allow them to earn rewards.


One of the key elements of Blockchain Brawlers is its cards. There are 8 main card slots for players to put their best cards in. Cards range in different rarities and range with different power levels. The game allows characters to create 4 different loadouts allowing you to change up your gameplay from match to match. The game starts with players choosing 22 cards: a set-up card and a slam card. The set-up card is revealed to the opponent at the start of each match, while the slam card is revealed at a later point in the round.

In terms of gameplay, players can set their damage multiplier and win a round in several ways. These include having a higher 2-card score, making the opponent fold, or winning a match through flexing. Flexing involves setting your face-up card higher than the value of your face-down card in hopes that the opponent will fold. If the opponent does not fold, the player who flexed will lose that round if the other player didn’t flex themselves.

Blockchain Brawlers has smooth animation effects at certain times, and a power level indication in the bottom right of the screen, which increases with each win and resets back to 1 with each loss. There are several types of matches available, including ranked matches, VIP matches, and staked matchmaking with 100,1000, or 2500 coin buy-in fees. The coin is BRWL and it can be bought on exchanges such as Nefty Blocks. There is also a leaderboard and profile section to track progress. The leaderboard allows you to see what players are scoring and what you are up against, while the profile tab allows you to get detailed stats of previous matches, allowing players to identify areas of improvement.

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Despite its unique blend of card game mechanics and web3 technology, Blockchain Brawlers does have some areas for improvement. At times, the game can feel dragged out if the right amount of damage is not done. Some of the animations could benefit from improvement such as the fire animation when sometimes placing down your slam card. The fire animation looks like it doesn’t belong in the game and the frames get cut over the card for a non-appealing display. Additionally, there could be more animations added to the game to provide more visual interest for players.


In conclusion, Blockchain Brawlers is a game that offers a unique experience for fans of card games and wrestling alike. Unfortunately, with other card games in the genre, it falls short of having a really grasping gameplay design. While it may not be for everyone, it offers a challenging and dynamic experience for players who are willing to invest time in learning the mechanics of the game. With its comprehensive guide, various match types, and flexible loadout options, Blockchain Brawlers provides a casual experience for players who are looking for something different in the world of gaming. 

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Blockchain Brawlers Review

In summary, Blockchain Brawlers is a one-of-a-kind game that blends card gaming and wrestling. Despite its unique combination, the gameplay design lacks depth compared to other similar games. Nonetheless, the game offers a challenging and dynamic experience for players who are willing to invest time in learning its mechanics. With a comprehensive guide, multiple match options, and customizable loadouts, Blockchain Brawlers provides a casual gaming experience for those seeking something unique in the gaming world.



An in-depth guide to help users get started with the game

Easy-to-follow game mechanics

High-risk high reward gameplay


Animations could use some work

Can benefit from added animations in the ring

Games can drag out if the damage is not dealt in the first couple of rounds

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