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Blockchain Brawlers features a ragtag brigade of glory-eyed grapplers, your path to suplex supremacy is propelled by individual brawler, move, taunt, and finisher NFT cards. Prove yourself in the ring.

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If you were ever a fan of the World Wrestling Entertainment, aka WWE, while growing up and idolized the likes of Undertaker, John Cena, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and many other great wrestling legends, then you will fall in love with Blockchain Brawlers. The game feeds off the in-ring and high intensity energy wrestling gives off to deliver an entertaining and high stakes turn-based RPG game with an incredibly unique art style. The game adopts a nostalgic action figure-inspired with all of the characters and gameplay, and all of these elements combined alone make for an exciting experience and a trip down memory lane for wrestling fans.

Blockchain Brawlers is a platform that offers a multi-phased and multi-faceted world for players to compete, contribute, commune, and collaborate. One of Tyranno Studios' goals is to make it the most user-friendly and easy-to-navigate game in the world. Players will be able to play and transact on the blockchain and marketplace of their choice for a seamless experience without hassle of the blockchain element getting in the way of gameplay.

Game Modes

PvP Mode: The Player vs Player (PvP) feature in the game may seem straightforward and simple, but it actually requires a lot of strategic thinking and decision-making to win. Similar in style to Texas Hold'em poker, players must determine if their two cards are of higher value than their opponent's cards, but there are many factors to consider. In total, each round of the game involves up to seven strategic decisions.

For a simpler breakdown of how a normal game of Blockchain Brawlers go down, two wrestlers enter the ring with 25 Health points each. Once the round starts, you and your opponent are dealt three cards each, which you have to play two out of during each round. The first card that you choose to play is called the Set Up Card and is visible to your opponent. The second card that you play is called the Slam Card and is hidden from your opponent. An interesting gameplay mechanism in this situation is that you can see your opponent's Set Up card but not their Slam card, leaving you guessing what their second choice was.

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There are a total of 32 cards in the deck, which are shared between you and your opponent. Each card is numbered from 1 to 8 and there are four copies of each numbered card in the deck, for a total of 32 cards. All cards (excluding the cards in the players' hands) are reshuffled after each round. The cards are never discarded from play, so there is no risk of running out of cards.

From the point of both players finalizing their card choices, Blockchain Brawlers follow a more poker-style gameplay by trying to power up your cards to overcome your opponent's score or get caught in their bluff and overallocate resources that you might need later on. The following are all the possible scenarios of how a match can end.

  • When a Round culminates in a Showdown, the Round’s winner will inflict damage on their opponent equal to the winner’s Power Meter x Damage Multiplier.
  • When a player Folds, the Round’s winner will inflict damage on their opponent equal to the winner’s Power Meter only.
  • When there’s a FLEX: See Flexing above
  • When a Round ends in a Tie: Both players inflict full damage on each other, and both players’ Power Meters reset to 1.
  • When Match ends and both Players have Negative Health, the winner is determined by the player closest to 0 (zero) Health.
  • When a Match ends and both Players have identical Negative Health, then the Match ends in a draw.

BRAWL4ALL Mode: BRAWL4ALL introduces a fresh battle royale mode to Blockchain Brawlers, where players need $BRWL tokens to join the action. In this setup, eight wrestlers enter the ring, with a new challenger joining every eight seconds. The goal is straightforward but tough: be the last one standing. A player's chance of winning depends on their "Luck Rating" and their wrestler's abilities, like health, attack, speed, and defense. Players can use NFT assets to improve these abilities, offering a real edge in fights.

Players can enhance their wrestler's health with Series 1 NFT Brawler assets, increase their chances of critical hits with Taunt move NFTs, and boost attack damage with Attack move NFTs. This means players can customize their wrestlers to match their preferred style of play. Speed and defense boosts are also available through specific NFTs, making every battle unique and exciting.

How to Get Started

Before you get into the ring and try to get all the belts for yourself in Blockchain Brawlers, you will need twelve items. 

  • NFT Brawler - can choose any of the fighters up for sale through Atomichub
  • Deck of playing cards numbered 1 to 8
  • At least one Common Attack move
  • At least one Taunt move
  • At least one Finisher move

For an easier onboarding process, the game already offers all of these items in a one-time purchase Starter Pack NFT from Opensea, which includes everything listed above with Mike Yellerbelly as the NFT brawler of choice.

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