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Blast Royale is a top-down battle royale game that is currently available on both Apple and Android platforms. This game utilizes cartoon-style graphics that make it unique and visually appealing. When you start the game, you get to select your character, and you can enhance their strength in battle by equipping them with different items that increase their might score. These items can be purchased from the marketplace or unlocked as part of the battle pass.


Blast Royale offers three different gameplay modes: casual, ranked, and custom games. The addition of a custom game mode is a great feature for any PvP game that wants to encourage community play. Currently, the game only has one map with a few biomes on it. The map is a reasonable size, so you are able to play a lot of maps before the map feels repetitive.

Once you’ve selected and mode and geared up your character you get to pick where you are going to land.

Your objective is to compete against 50 other players to be the last one standing while the map shrinks with an enclosing circle that gets smaller, pushing all the players into one place. As with many new PvP games, the human population is pretty low, so the server is filled with bots to ensure that it is quick to jump into the game. However, this means that the AI isn't very challenging, and your experience will be very different when you come up against other human players.

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On the map, you'll find buildings to hide in, but more importantly, you'll find crates that are color-coded to represent the rarity of equipment inside. Your main stats in Blast Royale are shield, health, and ammo. The game offers a variety of weapons covering all the classics like shotgun, pistol, and sniper, as well as some more unique weapons like the crossbow. All of these weapons share the same ammo pool and come with two specials, from a grenade or nuke through to a shield or dash.

The camera and movement feel smooth, and I rarely experienced any lag. To keep the perspective as well as having objects in-game, a smart-looking x-ray feature is used to show that you are behind something. The guns feel pretty responsive, even though it does take a little time to get used to the different ranges and fire rates they have. This is made slightly more difficult by not finding out until you have shot a few times, using up some of your precious ammo. The range of specials allows you to come up with different play styles and tackle a variety of challenges.

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In conclusion, Blast Royale is a fun and unique addition to the battle royale genre. Although the game is still in development, it already offers a great range of gameplay options and features. Being on mobile also makes it handy to jump into when you get a spare moment. However, the low player population and AI-only gameplay may hinder the experience for some players. Nevertheless, the addition of the custom game mode and the variety of weapons and rewards make Blast Royale a game worth checking out for battle royale fans.

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Blast Royale Review

Blast Royale is an entertaining and distinct contribution to the battle royale genre, with a range of gameplay options and features already available despite still being in development. Its mobile compatibility makes it convenient for spontaneous gaming sessions. Nevertheless, the game's low player count and reliance on AI-controlled enemies may diminish the experience for some players. However, the inclusion of custom game modes, diverse weapon selection, and ample rewards make Blast Royale a title that battle royale enthusiasts should consider trying out.



Ease of access

Large variety of weapons and items

Competitive leaderboard


Low player pool

Single map

Controls take a little getting used to

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November 30th 2022

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Play with your friends in the action-packed top-down mobile shooter that combines MOBA features & Battle Royale PvP action! Compete against 30 players in fast battles, upgrade your skills, join squads, earn rewards, and be the Last Blaster Standing. It's time to READY UP!


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