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Bladerite is a stunning and addictive MOBA battle royale game that offers players a unique and exciting gaming experience. The game features beautiful characters and landscapes that keep players engaged throughout the fights. The game offers a variety of modes for players to choose from, including duo, solo, and ranked modes, which provide a lot of different options for players to choose from once they are in the menu.

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The scenery in Bladerite is beautiful and the landscapes add to the immersion of the game. The water looks beautiful and flows with ease in the game, the grass moves around the character, and it is the small attention to detail like that which helps with the overall experience and stick with you once you have switched it off. The game's graphics are stunning, to say the least, and just running around the world by itself is enjoyable.

One of the best visual elements about Bladerite is the representation of the damage done to enemies during fights above their heads. Numbers pop up above their heads to notify players of the damage they have inflicted. Additionally, players can restore their health by eating food stored in their inventory and crafting different items to help them in their fight against enemies found around the game's world.

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On top of that, the game features lost souls that drop upon the destruction of certain items, but it can be confusing as to what the items actually do in the game as there is no proper introduction to it. The after-match report is detailed and gives players good insight into how they played the match by displaying multiple different stats such as kills, damage, survival score, and even movement score. The report is also given to the player as a graph which helps visualize where you best played towards. Moreover, it adds a letter grade to better represent your skill during the match, helping the player know what score to aim for next time and how they faired in that lobby.

Bladerite offers a plethora of enemies when you are on the map, ranging from armored goblins to ferocious beasts, and even giant knights that will stand in your way. All the enemies offer a variety of challenges to beat and are fun to see on the map. The game also has a variety of equipment that can be added to the character, such as thunder boots, a boomerang, storm bracers, and even a bomb. Each item gives a certain buff or ability to the user to aid them in battle.

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However, the game suffers from a lack of abilities, which can make the fights feel less engaging and just click spam. Some characters have the ability with their weapon to stun-lock players, such as the archer, making it impossible to move if it lands consecutively. The AI, whether as your teammate or the enemy, could be smarter and offer more of a challenge to the player.


Overall, Bladerite is a great game that offers players a lot of variety, beautiful landscapes, and a lot of different challenges within the game to beat. The game suffers from small challenges such as a lack of abilities, and character balancing but it is an addicting and fun game to play. The game’s after-match report is detailed, and unique, and gives players insight into their performance to help keep them challenging themselves to play better. Paired with beautiful visuals the game does a great job of immersing the player in its deadly arena.

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Bladerite Review

In summary, Bladerite is an enjoyable game that boasts diverse gameplay, stunning environments, and various obstacles to overcome. While it has some minor drawbacks such as limited abilities and uneven character balance, it remains a highly engaging and entertaining experience. The post-match report provides in-depth, personalized analysis to aid players in improving their performance and the striking graphics effectively immerse the player in the perilous arena.



Addicting and fun combat

Variety of characters to choose from and use

Beautiful graphics and immersive scenery


Lack of abilities

Some characters need better balancing

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