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Bit Hotel brings back the nostalgia of the games we played on flash browsers back in the day, offering a complete package with the added feature of having your own customizable apartment. You can enjoy classic games like Bomberman or test your memory with fruit-related challenges to earn cash or coins, which can be used to purchase items for your apartment from the in-game store.

Alongside the multiplayer game modes, there are also solo games reminiscent of gambling sites like Stake, ranging from Plinko to a mine-sweeper-esque experience. While the concept of Bit Hotel is intriguing, its execution turns the game into a money dump that is not worth your time.


The game does boast one redeeming quality – its solid 8-bit pixel graphics. The lively and functional main hall captures your attention, filled with funny crypto and pop culture references integrated into the custom characters, including Pepes, Doges, Master Oogway, and a nod to The Godfather. However, as you delve into the most enjoyable mini-game, you'll encounter numerous glitches affecting character movements and appearances.

Although the overall atmosphere and sound of the hotel are good, they can be somewhat underwhelming for a classy video game hotel experience. For instance, the bar doesn't work, the die in the middle constantly changes its roll upon clicking, the store offers minimal options, and the mini-game area merely duplicates games available in the main menu. The graphics alone cannot compensate for the lack of versatility in activities.

Regarding the sound, the game features a catchy background song that quickly becomes repetitive, especially when an audio glitch causes double music, overwhelming players' eardrums. Unfortunately, there is no fix for this glitch other than restarting the game. Nonetheless, the game's accessibility on browsers and the option to join using referral codes from existing players make it easy for anyone interested to jump in.

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Although the idea of Bit Hotel is commendable, the actual gameplay falls short of expectations. The concept of having your own customizable hotel room and earning in-game currency by playing with friends is appealing. However, the limited selection of mini-games and purchasable items, along with the lack of rewarding gameplay, make the overall experience unenjoyable. With some improvements, Bit Hotel could potentially become a captivating gaming platform.

With the game being as lackluster as it is, it's important to note that the idea of the game itself is wonderful. Starting off with Bithotel, the concept is intriguing, offering players the opportunity to have their own customizable hotel rooms filled with amazing items to make others jealous. Moreover, players can earn in-game currency by playing games with friends, enhancing the interactive experience in the hotel lobby, making it potentially a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, the limited variety of mini-games and available items, along with the game's lack of rewarding elements, result in an unenjoyable overall experience. While Bithotel aims to be more than just an online casino, it fails to achieve that goal, and the odds in games like Plinko and Mine Sweeper leave players feeling like they're at a disadvantage, akin to gambling without much value.

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The multiplayer game, Crypto Bomber, which was anticipated with excitement, turns out to be a lackluster rendition of the classic bomber game, lacking the depth and excitement of its predecessor. The game offers only two items, shoes, and bombs, both of which have minimal impact on gameplay and do not significantly affect the outcome. The Fruit Guessing mini-game, resembling the concept from Fall Guys, disappoints as well, lacking character speed and player interaction, making it tedious and dull after just a few rounds.


Bithotel should have been a captivating metaverse experience that keeps players immersed and engaged. However, the game fails to deliver, offering little incentive or reasons for players to stay. The glitches in sound and subpar playability in most mini-games further deter players from returning to the game. Bit Hotel falls short of its potential, being perceived by many gamers as merely an online casino with limited appeal.

Without substantial rewards or incentives to continue playing, it remains uncertain where the game will head, especially as it struggles to compete with the more polished versions it emulates. My initial excitement for Bithotel led me to realize that a promising concept on paper does not necessarily guarantee successful execution.

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Bit Hotel Review

Bithotel falls short of its potential as a captivating metaverse experience, lacking incentives and engaging elements for players to stay immersed. Glitches in sound and subpar playability in mini-games deter players from returning, and many perceive it as an online casino with limited appeal. Without significant rewards or incentives, the game's future is uncertain as it struggles to compete with more polished alternatives, highlighting the disconnect between its promising concept and its unsuccessful execution.



Graphics are impressive

Cool in-game skins available


Mini-games are boring

Mini-games have sound glitches causing a horrendous double song to play

No username blockage, leading to inappropriate names

Many mini-games feel like pure gambling and casino-like

Limited variety of items in the in-game store

Rooms lack meaning and functionality, with non-functional items

No reason to visit other players' rooms

Lack of meaningful rewards system

Glitches in the in-game bar, rendering it non-functional

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About Bit Hotel

Bit Hotel

Bit Hotel is a social-first pixel-art gaming metaverse, in which users can hang out, compete for leaderboard rewards and earn income.


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