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Battle Bears Heroes


Battle Bears Heroes returns as a 3v3 MOBA shooter, rekindling the spirit of the beloved BB GO from 2010 while adding a contemporary twist. This top-down shooter is a testament to the lasting appeal of the Battle Bears franchise, offering action and a wave of nostalgia to players.

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Battle Bears Heroes marks a triumphant return with a 3v3 MOBA shooter, rekindling the spirit of the beloved BB GO from 2010, with a modern twist. Battle Bears Heroes stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of the Battle Bears franchise with this top-down shooter packed with action and nostalgia. The game is designed to cater to a variety of playstyles through its five distinct and immersive modes, ensuring that there's something for every kind of gamer.

Game Modes

In the Mini MOBA mode, Battle Bears Heroes takes the essence of MOBA games and infuses it with its unique charm. Teams of three dive into strategic gameplay, where the objective is to topple the opposition's towers. This mode isn't just about the destruction; it's a strategic playground where players can enhance their prowess by defeating iconic enemies from the Battle Bears universe. These victories grant buffs, enriching the tactical approach and ensuring that each battle is as much about wits as it is about firepower.

Death Match mode is a tribute to the legacy of BB GOLD, bringing back the frantic 3v3 battles that fans have come to love. This mode is a crucible of quick reflexes and solid teamwork, offering an electrifying combat experience that gets the heart racing. It's the purest form of chaos, where the only thing that matters is the synergy between teammates and the ability to outmaneuver the opposition.

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Brick Battle stands as a shining example of how community feedback can shape a game. This innovative take on Capture the Flag has been tailored based on what the players wanted, creating a gameplay experience that feels both nostalgic and novel. It's a mode that encourages not just competition but also community, as it's built on the very suggestions of those who love the game the most.

The Battle Royale mode is a tenacious test of survival skills, where ten players are pitted against each other in a shrinking battlefield. Resourcefulness and strategy are key, as players must scavenge for resources, outsmart and outlast their opponents to claim victory. It's a mode that combines the thrill of exploration with the tension of combat, all culminating in a quest to be the last bear standing.

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The campaign mode of Battle Bears Heroes is a heartfelt nod to the original BB-1 campaign, complete with the cutscenes that fans remember and love. But it's not just a trip down memory lane; it introduces new adversaries and challenges, making it a fresh experience for newcomers and veterans alike. This mode offers a story-driven journey through the Battle Bears universe, providing depth, context, and a compelling reason to keep fighting.

Discover More Battle Bears Games

The "Battle Bears" franchise offers two distinct gaming experiences with its titles, "Battle Bears -1" and "Battle Bears 1: Zombies," each bringing unique elements to the action-packed 3D shooter genre, along with a humorous and fluffy twist.

Battle Bears -1: This edition is a special PC release that combines all three campaigns from the series into one package. It features full HD cutscenes, new effects tailored for PC, and a storyline that follows characters OLIVER, RIGGS, and WIL on a space odyssey. The game is known for its massive bosses, a wide array of crazy weapons, and gameplay filled with humor and shooting rainbows. Players must defend the flagship Ursa Major against a variety of bizarre creatures. The first game in the trilogy, "Battle Bears 1: Zombies," is a wave-based shooter focusing on OLIVER as he fights off endless waves of pink bears, strange creatures, and zombies, emphasizing easy gameplay and silly cutscenes.

How to Get Started

Battle Bears Heroes is currently available to play on Google Play and Apple Store for you to download. On the other hand, the Battler Bears - 1 games are available on Steam

About Battle Bears Heroes

Battle Bears Heroes

Battle Bears Heroes makes a triumphant comeback with a 3v3 MOBA shooter, bringing back the essence of the beloved BB GO from 2010, infused with a modern touch. It celebrates the enduring charm of the Battle Bears franchise, delivering an action-packed top-down shooter filled with nostalgia.