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Welcome to Awaken, where a realistic AAA fighting game meets a blockchain-powered metaverse. Set on the Avalanche and LayerZero platforms, this game invites players into skill-based gameplay, with master characters of diverse backgrounds, each wielding distinct abilities

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Awaken introduces a unique blend of AAA realistic fighting with the expansiveness of an open-world metaverse, developed on the Avalanche blockchain. This platform extends the conventional gaming experience by integrating digital ownership through Web3 technology, offering players an immersive environment to explore, battle, and collaborate. Within Awaken, every player interaction enriches their adventure in a universe designed for engagement and discovery

Gameplay and Features

At the core of Awaken's gameplay is the Battle Hub, a dedicated arena for demonstrating skill, strategy, and prowess. This competitive space is where players can engage in combat, ascend the leaderboards, and earn rewards reflective of their abilities. It serves as a weekly battleground for players aiming to secure their position at the top and gain the spoils of their victories.

Master Characters in Awaken

Awaken features a diverse cast of master characters, each with unique backstories and combat styles, drawing from their rich cultural backgrounds.

  • Sheikh, "The Desert Fury": At 33 years old, Sheikh brings the power and unpredictability of the desert sands to the battlefield. His combat style is a blend of agility and precision, embodying the ferocity of a sandstorm. With a deep connection to his Arabic heritage, he manipulates sand and air to dominate fights, earning him the nickname "The Sandstorm."

  • Larissa, "The Samba Siren": Larissa, 30, infuses her Brazilian roots into every fight, combining dance with martial prowess. Growing up in Rio de Janeiro, she uses her surroundings and cultural heritage to transform combat into an art form, making her movements as captivating as they are deadly.


The game's metaverse offers an expansive open world filled with opportunities for exploration and combat against other players or NPCs. Awaken distinguishes itself with a living environment, where AI-driven quests and missions provide challenges and rewards, enriching the player's journey with valuable assets.

Avatar Creator

Customization is a focal point in Awaken, particularly through the Avatar Creator. This tool allows for extensive personalization, letting players infuse their avatars with unique features and designs. It's not just about creating a character; it's about crafting an identity that stands out in the Awaken universe and showcases the player's creativity on a global stage.

How to Get Started

For those eager to dive into the world of Awaken, a playtest version is currently available for download on the Epic Games Store. To stay informed about all the latest developments, updates, and community events surrounding Awaken, follow their official social media channels and join their Discord community. 

About Awaken


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Awaken is a realistic AAA fighting game set in an expansive open-world metaverse.


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