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Aviatrix invites players to the heart of a galactic adventure, offering a blend of arcade shooting action and Web3 integration. Players take on the role of heroes piloting spaceships, facing a relentless onslaught of foes across various cosmic landscapes.

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Space Falcon is a gaming studio focused on developing titles that leverage Web3 gaming innovations. Their use of the GameFi model, highlighted by the adoption of their native token, $FCON, aims to enhance game experiences through digital asset ownership, competitions, and immersive storytelling. Aviatrix, one of their key games, reflects Space Falcon's efforts to attract and retain players in the Web3 gaming space by emphasizing digital ownership and interactive experiences.

Game Lore

Aviatrix unfolds in a galaxy housing a planetary system known by the same name, consisting of planets Ondora, Avalore, Zenithar, and Celestis. Peace in Aviatrix comes to an end with the invasion by the Darkonians, who steal the Avia crystal, crucial for the system’s survival. The game's narrative centers on the recruitment and training of heroes tasked with retrieving the Avia crystal to avert a catastrophic planetary shift and the potential destruction of the Aviatrix ecosystem.

Gameplay and Features

In Aviatrix, players are given the freedom to choose from five distinct spaceships, each allied with a specific hero. This selection is crucial as each spaceship-hero combination possesses unique attributes and abilities, affecting gameplay strategies and the approach to overcoming challenges. 


As players progress through the game, they encounter opportunities to upgrade their spaceships. These upgrades range from enhanced weapons systems to improved shields and speed boosts, providing a tactical advantage in battles. Upgrading a spaceship not only improves its performance but also allows players to tackle more challenging enemies and adapt to the increasing difficulty of the game.


Aviatrix features four meticulously designed maps, each offering a unique environment and set of challenges. From asteroid belts to nebulae and enemy bases, the variety in landscapes ensures that players must constantly adapt their tactics and make full use of their spaceship's capabilities. These maps are not just visually distinct but are crafted to complement different playstyles and strategies, making exploration and combat a constantly evolving experience.

Aviatrix 76 Mode

For those seeking an ultimate test of their skills, Aviatrix 76 Mode offers a relentless challenge. This mode combines all available maps into a single, continuous campaign, pushing players to their limits as they face an unending barrage of enemies and bosses. Success in this mode is a testament to a player's mastery of their spaceship and strategic thinking, offering bragging rights and significant rewards.

Galaxy Warlords: A Companion Mobile Experience

In addition to Aviatrix, Space Falcon has developed Galaxy Warlords, a mobile counterpart that captures the essence of arcade space shooters for players on the go. While it mirrors the core gameplay of Aviatrix, Galaxy Warlords operates on Web2 technology, focusing on in-game purchases. This mobile game offers a different take on the space shooter genre, providing an accessible option for players who prefer gaming on mobile devices without the Web3 features.


The Aviatrix Starter Pack, consisting of 7,500 Sci-Fi crates, unlocks several GameFi features for its holders, including farming, staking, and the chance for rewards multipliers upon pack opening. With an estimated monthly rewards pool influenced by market conditions, the pack offers unique benefits such as airdrops, tournament access, and score boosts. Pack opening introduces a one-time rewards multiplier, enhancing the financial aspect of gameplay. 

How to Get Started

  1. Start Signing Up: Click “Sign In” at the top right on Spacefalcon's website.
  2. New Account: If you don’t have an account, select “Create an Account.”
  3. Registration Option: It’s best to sign up with Email to avoid potential delays. Options for Gmail, Apple ID, or Twitter are also available.
  4. Your Details: Enter your email, choose a Space Falcon ID (username), and set a password. The referral code field is optional.
  5. Complete Sign-Up: Click “Next,” then log in with your new Space Falcon ID and password.
  6. Email Verification: Click “Send Email” to get a verification link in your email.
  7. Verify and Start: Open your email, click “Verify Email,” and you’re all set!

About Aviatrix



Release Date

December 13th 2023

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Aviatrix is a Sci-Fi Web3 arcade space shooter game where players navigate through the galaxy, battling enemies and bosses.




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