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Explore Avalon: The Game, an MMORPG that brings the storied lore of the Knights of the Round Table into a mystical realm filled with adventure. Built on a multichain platform, it features a play-to-earn system through NFT ownership, allowing players to engage with the game's economy. Set forth on quests that draw from the rich story of Arthurian legends, forge alliances, and explore the vast, legend-infused kingdoms of Avalon.

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Dive into the mystical world of Avalon, an MMORPG that brings the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table into an immersive, play-to-earn gaming experience. Developed by Danu Games, built on Polygon, and integrated with WAX and Solana for rewards, Avalon The game offers a unique play-to-earn experience, allowing players to truly own their in-game assets in the form of NFTs. 

Game Lore

In the shadow of Camelot's fall, a new saga begins. The once-united realm of Avalon is fractured, its kingdoms standing on the brink of war and ruin. From the ashes of the Round Table, players must forge their path, battling fearsome orcs, forging alliances with elves and Vikings, and unraveling the dark plots of powerful inquisitors. Your actions will determine the fate of Avalon, whether it succumbs to darkness or rises to glory once again.

Gameplay Mechanics

The Kingdoms

Avalon's world is vast, comprising twelve kingdoms each hosted on independent servers. From the outset, players can immerse themselves in a realm where every castle, town, village, and dungeon promises adventure. The game's social structure is dynamic, potentially featuring a monarch system led by players who achieve the highest honors.

Starting Out

Every player begins their journey from the ground up, choosing characters that range from basic avatars to intricate NFTs with rich backstories and unique abilities. The game unfolds as players complete quests, level up, and unlock new areas of the kingdom, with the ultimate goal of discovering Avalon Island or engaging in naval supremacy.

Quests and Raids

Quests in Avalon can be tackled solo or in groups, offering rewards that enhance your standing and capabilities within the game. Raids require strategic teamwork, with a cap of six players per raid, each assuming critical roles from ranged attackers and tanks to healers and mages. Success in raids yields in-game rewards, including coveted NFTs and tokens.

Landlords and Assets

Ownership in Avalon extends to lands and buildings, each offering unique opportunities for income through taxes and services. Players can become landlords, overseeing vast territories, or focus on crafting and trade to build their wealth and influence.

NFTs in Avalon The Game

NFTs in Avalon are the essence of gameplay and progression. Characters, buildings, and lands are all represented as NFTs, providing players with tangible assets that can be traded, sold, or utilized to forge their destiny in the game.


From the noble Knights of King Arthur to the mystical Druids of Avalon, each character NFT offers a unique path into the world, with abilities and storylines that deepen the gameplay experience.

Buildings and Lands

Construct your empire within Avalon by acquiring and developing buildings and lands. Each asset not only enhances your strategic options but also serves as a source of revenue and influence within the game's economy.

Passes, Chests and Badges

Passes unlock exclusive areas and events, offering temporary access to the game's rich content and special features. Chests reward explorers with a combination of Character and Pass NFTs. Badges, earned through in-game achievements, unlock new gameplay levels and access to exclusive areas, serving as milestones of a player's progress and dedication.

How to Get Started

Avalon: The Game is currently in the Alpha phase of its development journey. You can already wishlist the game on the Epic Games Store to keep tabs on it. For those holding onto Character and Pass NFTs, they will give you immediate access to the game. This is your ticket to dive in for a limited time, where you can earn prized badges during your playthrough. 

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Avalon The Game

Avalon: The Game is a multichain MMORPG that blends epic medieval fantasy with blockchain technology




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