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Ascenders is a sci-fantasy, open-world action RPG featuring a fully decentralized, player-driven economy. Players can freely explore new dungeons and discover resources in the distant overworld — Ascension.

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In the not-too-distant future, the story of Ascenders unfolds on the shores of a strange and mysterious alien world. The human explorers who stumbled upon this place, known as Ascension, were marooned there while attempting their first wormhole jump. With no way to return home, they are forced to make a life in this new and unfamiliar land.

As the player, you must navigate this vast and beautiful world in a third-person RPG, scavenging and crafting gear to survive and rise to notoriety. The economy of Ascension is fully controlled by players, allowing you to sell your old equipment and resources on the market to others. Along the way, you can also cultivate and grow relationships with other players as you explore the many secrets hidden within Ascension.

Player Lanes

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In Ascenders, players have the freedom to choose their own path and participate in the economy in a way that aligns with their skills and interests. Whether you prefer fighting, exploring, or building, there are a variety of economic "lanes" to choose from, each with its own gameplay loop and rewards. The interaction of these lanes creates a dynamic and lasting economy that values the contributions of all players, no matter their preferred playstyle.

  • Explorers: Explorers in Ascenders are focused on collecting resources, farming, and making steady progress in the game. They gather resources from the overworld and complete quests and the story campaign to earn rewards. The resources they collect can only be found in the overworld, making exploration and resource gathering a key aspect of their gameplay.
  • Fighters: Players who enjoy a more competitive gameplay experience may choose to focus on fighting in Ascenders. These fighters are often obsessed with finding the perfect gear and building their character for battle. They compete on leaderboards and challenge themselves by tackling difficult dungeons in search of rare resources.
  • Builders: In Ascenders, builders are strategic players who focus on the metagame, or the larger context in which the game is played. They own non-fungible token (NFT) land and carefully consider which buildings to invest in based on cost and efficiency calculations. Their decisions can have a significant impact on the macro economy and the overall shape of the game world.

Land Parcels

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In Ascenders, land parcel owners collect a passive income from resources. They can also construct buildings on flat, buildable space within their parcel to increase its productivity. The larger the land parcel, the more buildable space is typically available. However, the number of buildings that can be constructed is limited by the finite amount of buildable space. Upgrading a building often increases its size, which can take up even more space. As a landowner, it's important to carefully observe the market and plan what to build or upgrade in order to make the most efficient use of your buildable space.

In Ascenders, structures can be classified according to their purpose: gathering, processing, trading, recreation, and residential. Landowners have a variety of options to choose from within each class, but no matter how large their land parcel is, they will not have enough space to build them all. To make the most efficient use of their buildable space, builders can choose structures that complement each other and create a specialized local economy that targets a specific customer base.

For example, building a processing structure next to a gathering structure allows for the refinement of resources, and building a trade hall next to a crafting station allows visiting players to gear up before a fight. Each building can be specialized to fine-tune its use and the services it provides. A savvy builder will carefully consider these factors in order to maximize the return on their limited buildable space.


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In Ascenders, the overworld is a vast continent with diverse and varied terrain, inhabited by alien creatures and full of exotic resources. Each area is unique, with its own resources available for players to gather. The natural world of Ascension is self-balancing, adjusting the availability of resources based on various factors. There is a wide variety of resources to discover, some of which may only appear for a short time before disappearing forever. Experienced explorers are knowledgeable about where and when to find resources, and can anticipate which ones will be in scarce supply in the future.

Common Resources

In Ascenders, common resources are materials that can be easily found in the game world of Ascension. These resources are essential for crafting and are found both in remnants and in the wild overworld. Once collected, common resources will replenish over time, but there are limits on the total circulating supply.

Premium Resources

Premium resources in Ascenders are NFT resources that have unique functions and are used for crafting NFT gear or cosmetic items, and for upgrading NFTs through fusion. These resources can be found in the wild, earned by completing bounties or clearing remnants, generated by landowners, awarded as prizes in tournaments, or obtained through the Ascenders season pass.

Resource Refining

In Ascenders, there are many different recipes for crafting gear or upgrading it through fusion, each requiring a specific combination of resources. To create higher rank gear through fusion, players will need refined resources, which can be produced at a refinery structure located at a guild hall or on a land parcel owned by a player. To obtain refined resources, players must pay a fee to refine their low-grade resources. Once they have refined resources, they can use them to craft more powerful gear.

How to Get Started

Ascenders is currently still in development, however you can give the game's combat demo a try through their website to get a taste of what the Legendary Foundry Games studio is working on. The development team hosts regular competitions utilizing the leaderboard present inside the demo. There is yet to be confirmation on the dates for the upcoming release of the game's future phases.

About Ascenders


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Ascenders combines a story-driven open world with a fully decentralized, player-driven crypto economy to deliver a totally new ARPG experience.


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