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Army of Tactics


Army of Tactics is the initial PvP venture in the AOFverse, a tactical auto-battler tailored for mobile platforms. It empowers players to construct and oversee their armies, engaging in strategic battles to outwit opponents and emerge victorious.

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Army of Tactics marks the inaugural PvP venture within the AOFverse, a tactical auto-battler designed for mobile platforms. Players are invited to assemble and manage their own armies, engaging in strategic battles to outmaneuver opponents and claim victory.

Gameplay and Islands

The game features four distinct themed islands, each offering a unique blend of styles, resources, arenas, and production facilities, enriching the player's experience with variety and depth. More islands are currently in development, promising to expand the world and its strategic possibilities. At the core of the game are the arena duels. Competitors must craft a formidable army to challenge others, with each match requiring an entry fee in the form of $AFC, the game's currency. Victorious players are rewarded with $AFC, cards for army upgrades, and medals that reflect their prowess in battle.

Players manage their armies through the Battle Deck, collecting and upgrading unit cards to bolster their forces. The islands act as strategic hubs where players can embark on adventures, engage in simulation gameplay, and devise strategies to conquer and cultivate their territories. Each island boasts an arena that aligns with its theme and level, offering unique resources that players can harness. As players progress, they unlock islands that match their level, allowing access to new arenas and the challenges they present.

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Army of Tactics NFTs 

In Army of Tactics, players encounter two main types of NFTs: the Fortune Founders Key and Demigods. The Fortune Founders Key is more than just a collectible item; it's a key to special features and benefits in the game. It stands out because it gives holders the chance to get exclusive token airdrops, adding to its appeal and usefulness in the game world.

Demigods NFTs are top-tier in-game items, representing powerful and rare versions of troops. Players can find these through in-game treasure hunts or buy them on NFT marketplaces. Owning Demigods can make the game more enjoyable and give players unique advantages, making these NFTs valuable both in and outside the game.

Army of Tactics Economy

The economy of Army of Tactics is built around two tokens: $AFC (Army of Fortune Coin) and $AFG (Army of Fortune Gem).

  • $AFC (Army of Fortune Coin): This is the game's primary currency. Players earn $AFC by playing the game, like winning battles, managing islands, and completing quests. This currency is used for upgrading characters, building on islands, or trying for treasure chests and Demigods NFTs. The supply of $AFC is set to adapt as the game grows, ensuring there's always enough to go around.
  • $AFG (Army of Fortune Gem): $AFG is a special token that lets players have a say in the game's future through voting and making proposals. It's also needed to get Treasure Chests in the game. Players can get $AFG by taking part in game events, completing tasks, and using the referral system. This means players can influence the game and benefit from its growth.

How to Get Started

Army of Tactics is available to download right now on both Android and iOS devices. Players with experience in RTGs and auto battlers like Clash Royale and TeamFight Tactics will better understand Army of Tactics game mechanics.

About Army of Tactics


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Army of Tactics

Army of Tactics is the first PvP experience in the AOFverse, a mobile tactical auto-battler. Players can form and oversee their armies, strategizing in battles to outsmart rivals and secure triumph.


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