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Ark Rivals


Embark on an interstellar journey with Ark Rivals, a Sci-Fi strategy game that blends intense action, strategic gameplay, and the innovative world of NFTs. Set in a universe where user-generated content dictates the flow of the game, players can build, battle, and earn in a dynamic environment. Ark Rivals invites gamers and web3 enthusiasts alike to shape the future of gaming and investment.

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Embark on an unparalleled adventure in Ark Rivals, a groundbreaking sci-fi strategy game that seamlessly integrates action-packed gameplay with the innovative realm of NFTs. Born from a vision to revolutionize the gaming landscape, Ark Rivals offers players a universe where creativity, strategy, and digital ownership converge.


The essence of Ark Rivals is its deep, strategic gameplay where every decision influences the path to victory. Players are tasked with constructing mines, designing bases, and strategizing defenses to protect and accumulate resources. The game's emphasis on user-generated content allows for endless customization, ensuring a personalized and unique gaming experience for every player.

Ark Rivals thrusts players into the heart of battle with an immersive third-person shooter experience. Command ships, deploy troops, and strategize your way to victory over enemy bases. Align with one of five factions and partake in monumental Faction Wars for control over NFT lands, blending strategy, teamwork, and competitive play into one cohesive experience.

Ark Rivals NFTs

Ark Rivals integrates NFTs as pivotal elements of gameplay, offering unique assets that significantly impact strategy and progression. Here's a brief overview of the NFT assets available in the game:

  • Ships and Commanders: At the core of Ark Rivals' strategy are ships and commanders, each with unique abilities and characteristics. Commanders lead ships into battle, their special features providing crucial advantages during combat.
  • Arkadiums: These magical stones enhance commanders, boosting their strength and effectiveness in battles. Utilizing Arkadiums allows players to gain an edge in challenging encounters. 
  • Faction Lands: Owning faction land is key to participating in Faction Wars, with each land offering unique buffs, such as increased attack power for ships and troops, enhancing strategic depth.
  • ARKN Miners: These buildings produce ARKN tokens, the game's currency, with varying rarity levels affecting their productivity. Managing ARKN Miners is essential for economic success within the game.   

How to Get Started

Ark Rivals can be enjoyed on both Android and iOS platforms. Stay updated with the latest developments in Ark Rivals by following their social media channels, including X, and by joining the community on their Discord server.

About Ark Rivals



Release Date

April 26th 2022

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Ark Rivals

Ark Rivals is a Sci-Fi strategy NFT game where creativity and strategy unlock a universe of possibilities. Dive into a world where building, battling, and blockchain technology merge to redefine gaming.




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