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Archloot, a mobile game drawing inspiration from the iconic game Spore, offers the opportunity to create unique creatures and embark on exciting adventures to clear islands and dungeons. With its engaging gameplay loop and creative creature creation system, Archloot has the potential to captivate players for hours on end.


One standout feature of Archloot is its creature creation system, which allows customization of creatures by attaching various limbs, heads, scales, and other attributes. The ability to change the positioning, size, and coloring of these parts provides the freedom to create truly distinct creatures. Moreover, the game cleverly ties the functionality of these attributes to their appearance, making for an immersive experience. It's not just about aesthetics, but also how these attributes affect a creature's performance in battles. The old saying "two heads are better than one" turned out not to apply, as my creature struggled with attacks, having both heads miss.

Once a creature is created, players can explore their island, which is home to different buildings that can be upgraded using resources collected during gameplay. These buildings offer a range of interactions, such as the Monster Show, where players share their creations. Some buildings also generate resources, with the player acting as the island leader and assigning other creatures to work in these buildings.

A key building is the dock, which allows players to use tickets to investigate different islands, where they can find enemies to defeat, eggs to harvest or eat, and loot to collect. The variety of enemies and the strategic approach required to defeat them keep the gameplay engaging, although some islands may feel repetitive over time. If players find the islands too challenging, they can team up in a co-op mode to help clear them. Defeating enemies rewards experience points that increase progress through different levels. As players level up, they can evolve their creature, unlocking further options.

Archloot also implements quests and daily tasks to keep players returning to the game. These quests provide rewards to further improve their island and creature. Additionally, world events run at specific times, encouraging players to log on together.


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The art style and graphics of Archloot are visually appealing, and the gameplay handles well, providing a smooth and enjoyable experience on mobile devices. The game offers a sense of progression as players level up and unlock new features and abilities for their creatures, adding depth to the gameplay.

However, one downside of Archloot is the limited starting chassis options for creature creation, which may feel restrictive for players craving more variety from the start. Additionally, while the gameplay loop is engaging, it remains to be seen how it will evolve as players progress and whether it will continue to offer fresh challenges and rewards.

In conclusion, Archloot is a creative mobile game that captures the charm of Spore with its creature creation system and engaging gameplay loop. While it has some limitations in terms of starting options for creature creation and potential repetition in island design, it offers an enjoyable experience for players who enjoy exploring, battling, and customizing their own creatures.

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ArchLoot Review

In summary, Archloot is an inventive mobile game reminiscent of Spore, featuring a captivating creature creation system and dynamic gameplay. Despite some constraints in initial creature customization and possible repetitive island designs, it provides an enjoyable experience for players fond of exploration, combat, and personalizing their creatures.



Variety of game modes

Customizable experience for individual feel

Enjoyable mechanics to keep you coming back


Starting customization is limited

Steep learning curve with lots of information to consume

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ArchLoot is a UGC (User-Generated Content) NFT game that allows players to explore an immersive role-playing journey while utilizing their creativity to the fullest.


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