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ArchLoot is an innovative UGC (User-Generated Content) NFT game. With this technology, players can embark on an immersive role-playing journey and unleash their creativity to the fullest.

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Introducing ArchLoot, the ultimate user-generated content NFT game built on BNB Chain. Unlike the typical P2E gaming scene with rigid character setups and mundane daily quests, ArchLoot encourages gamers to unleash their creativity and imagination. Set in an unexplored world, this is your chance to recreate it with your own original ideas. ArchLoot is the first game to introduce an interactive NFT gameplay, where monsters aren't just generic fighting avatars, but parts of them can be enhanced, recombined, exchanged, and freely traded. With events centered around UGC NFTs, self-defined maps, PVP gameplay, and original in-game skins, the community is in for an exciting adventure.

Game Modes


Players can explore the map, battle against monsters, and collect resources in this game. Currently, there are eight daily dungeons available: Wet Plains, Fission Mountains, Ice Fields, Scorching Valley, Desert Ruins, Otherworld Portal, Mechanical Age, and Ancient Tombs. Additionally, there are three event dungeons that are periodically available: Mystery Island, Tortuga, and Demon King Challenge. The resources and probability of each dungeon vary slightly, and new dungeons are planned for release in the future. A ticket is required to enter the dungeon, with free tickets provided to players who hold monsters on a daily basis. Additional tickets can also be purchased from the store.


Players can engage in battles against each other on pre-existing maps, earning ranking points for victories and sharing season rewards based on their rank. Battle types include 1v1, team battles, brawls, and other modes.

Assembling NFT Parts

In ArchLoot, players have the opportunity to create their own unique monsters by assembling different parts, all of which are non-fungible tokens (NFTs). There are five types of monster parts: torso, head, upper limb, lower limb, and accessory. The torso is essential, while the other parts can be attached and customized using the evolution interface.

Monster parts are divided into four levels of rarity: common, rare, epic, and legendary, which correspond to 1, 2, 3, and 4 attributes respectively. Some parts also have separate special skills. Players can strengthen their monster parts by consuming corresponding materials, improving their attribute values. For epic and legendary parts, players need to consume parts of the same level to strengthen them.

ArchLoot players can also genetically recombine monster parts to increase their rarity from common to rare and add an additional attribute. Some parts have special skills in addition to their basic attributes. Each monster can have any number of skills through parts, but players can only choose to activate up to three of them during battle. By combining skills and matching their own attributes, players can win battles.

Monster parts can be obtained as rewards from purchasing hunting licenses, acquired through direct purchase from the marketplace, or obtained through dungeon quests. Once players have assembled their perfect monster, they can enter free hunting mode or choose to enter rich rewards with a hunting license.

How to Get Started

Step 1: Download the Game

Visit the ArchLoot website at and click on the corresponding pack to download the game.

Step 2: Launch the Game

Once the game is downloaded, launch it on your device.

Note for iOS Users: You might need to approve the certification in Settings to ensure the game runs smoothly on your device. To do this, go to Settings > General > VPN & Device Management > Enterprise App > Trust.

Step 3: Register

After launching the game, start the registration process by entering your email address. A verification code will be sent to your email for verification.

Step 4: Enter Guild Invitation Code (Optional)

If you have a guild invitation code, you can enter it to receive additional benefits. This step is optional.

Step 5: Create Your Monster

Once you're registered and logged in, start creating your own monster.

Step 6: Complete the Tutorial

Finish the tutorial by reaching level 4 and getting to your own tribe. This will help you understand the game mechanics and familiarize yourself with the interface.

And that's it! You're now ready to start your adventure in ArchLoot.

About ArchLoot


ArchLoot is a UGC (User-Generated Content) NFT game that allows players to explore an immersive role-playing journey while utilizing their creativity to the fullest.


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