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Set in a fantasy rendition of the ancient Dacian Kingdom, Age of Zalmoxis invites players into a rich, historical narrative filled with intrigue, conflict, and magic. This third-person MMORPG integrates blockchain and NFTs, allowing for unprecedented player ownership and interaction within its dynamic world. As champions imbued with heroic souls, players will navigate the challenges of a fragmented kingdom, battling to restore its glory while shaping their destiny through strategic combat, crafting, and alliances.



Set in an MMORPG fantasy version of the Eastern European Kingdom of Dacia, Age of Zalmoxis begins in the aftermath of King Burebista's assassination. The kingdom is fragmented, with Dacian nobles struggling for power amidst the looming threats of Celtic, Roman, and Sarmatian invasions, coupled with supernatural dangers. Players step into the shoes of Dacian champions, embodying heroic souls sent by the Great Wolf Zalmoxis to fend off these threats and unify the kingdom.


Players will find a rich character customization system, allowing for the creation of unique avatars through the selection of souls and fighting styles. The game features nine distinct fighting styles, each with its own set of visually striking mechanics. The game world is dynamic, with content that reacts to player actions and world events.

This includes traditional quests, dynamic content models, and adventurous instances like dungeons and raids that challenge players and contribute to the narrative. A deep crafting system enables players to create items for use and trade. The marketplace facilitates a vibrant economy where players can buy and sell assets using $EGLD and $KOSON tokens, truly owning their in-game items.

Key Features and NFTs

Players can access Age of Zalmoxis through two main avenues: obtaining an Origin Soul or Summoned Soul from the marketplace or opting for a free experience by sharing in-game profits with an NFT owner via a smart contract on the blockchain. A Dream Soul NFT Collection will later be introduced as a demo version, offering limited access to the game and certain blockchain interactions.

Origin and Summoned Souls: The minting phase for Origin Souls has already concluded. These NFTs represent six types of souls: Air, Earth, Fire, Life, Water, and Aether. Owning all six allows players to summon a mystical seventh soul from a hidden realm, exclusive to those who complete the collection. Benefits of owning Origin NFTs include presale whitelisting for KOSON tokens, daily staking rewards, early access to game beta testing, and the ability to summon more souls.

Summoned Souls, on the other hand, can be acquired by players who own two Origin Souls, with a special summoning process detailed in the game's whitepaper.

Accessibility and Multi-Chain Approach

Age of Zalmoxis innovatively integrates a multi-chain approach, enhancing its reach and scalability across various blockchain networks, thereby optimizing transaction costs and diversifying risks. This strategy positions the game at the forefront of blockchain gaming innovation, making it accessible to a broad audience without the necessity of a crypto wallet. Players can start with just an email address, though engaging with the game's full blockchain features requires a wallet, supported across multiple platforms including MultiversX - XPortal, Immutable X - MetaMask, and others. 

How to Get Started

Currently in its development phase, Age of Zalmoxis is gearing up for an exciting future and is now available for wishlist on the Epic Game Store. Stay in the loop with the latest news, including upcoming playtests, by following Age of Zalmoxis on their social media.

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Wenmoon Studios

Age of Zalmoxis

Age of Zalmoxis is a third-person MMORPG that blends ancient Dacian mythology with blockchain and NFT technologies, offering players a unique, immersive experience in a fantasy world threatened by both mortal and supernatural forces.


Wenmoon Studios


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