Age of Dino Guide: How to Earn DIO Points

A comprehensive guide covering all you need to know on how to earn Age of Dino DIO points.

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Welcome back to our Age of Dino guide! In our previous installment, we introduced the basics of the game along with some effective tips and tricks for progressing. This time, we'll dive into the specifics of earning DIO points. But before we get into that, let's quickly discuss what DIO points are. DIO points are part of the play-to-airdrop campaign within the Xterio ecosystem, which rewards gamers and NFT holders through the DIO points system.


Age of Dino is now available on iOS and Android devices, and earning DIO points is accessible to all players. However, it's important to note that the earning potential for DIO points differs significantly between NFT holders and non-holders. We'll explore various ways both groups can earn DIO points:

Dinobrawl Minigame 

The Dinobrawl Minigame, playable on both web and mobile platforms, is a fast-paced top-down shooter where players guide their dinosaurs to shoot and dodge, aiming for high scores and rewards. Available to both NFT holders and non-holders, surviving one minute in this game yields TC rewards and a chance to select a randomized reward from an egg containing DIO points. 

Since TC and DIO earned on Dinobrawl are on-chain currencies, participants must connect a Web3 wallet via the Xterio chain to play Dinobrawl and access their earnings. 

NFT holders gain additional benefits, such as the "Dino Hammer" NFTs, which increase rewards by 200 times for each round they are used. These hammers are distributed to Dinosty NFT holders and vary in availability based on the rarity of the NFTs owned.

Dinosaur Mine

The Dinosaur Mine feature in Age of Dino offers Dinosty and Mechpal NFT holders the opportunity to deposit their NFTs into the game through Xterios' deposit function. This activates significant boosts in TC and DIO earnings through the in-game building called the "Dinosaur Mine Site."

At this site, players can assign their hatched dinosaurs to mining tasks, earning rewards such as mining crates (which contain in-game items), TC, and DIO points. It's important to note that only NFT holders are eligible to earn TC and DIO points from these mining tasks. The mining system is based on a hashrate, with overall mining power determined by the deposited NFTs and their respective rarities. 

Players have the flexibility to choose the duration of mining missions, which can last 4, 12, or 24 hours, and must manually claim the rewards after the designated time.


X Crates are essential reward boxes in Age of Dino, each one loaded with either TC or DIO points and varying in rarity from common to Epic. The higher the crate's rarity, the better the loot inside.

Here’s the ultimate guide to maximizing your X Crate haul:

  • Daily Missions: Gear up each day for a series of missions, with each one offering up rewards including common X Crates. Completing your daily checklist not only boosts your progress but also secures you a Random X Crate. These crates are wildcards, potentially packing any level of rarity, and are a key reward for consistent players.

  • Intel Missions: A staple in your daily gaming routine, these missions ramp up the challenge and the rewards. The difficulty level varies, but overcoming these can drop X Crates right into your lap. The tougher the mission, the better the potential loot, making these a thrilling and rewarding part of your strategy.

  • Game and Alliance Events: Game events and alliance events offer great opportunities to earn more X Crates. Participating in individual events and achieving high rankings can reward players with X Crates of high rarity. Additionally, alliance-wide events provide a platform for entire alliances to compete and excel together, often rewarding the top-performing alliances with Epic X Crates. 
  • Trading Hub: This is where players can trade their TC for X Crates or vice versa. Hunting for high-tier crates or offloading excess for essential TC, the Trading Hub is your go-to for strategic resource management.

  • Wallet/Treasury: After accumulating your DIO points and TC, you can easily monitor your balances at the game's Treasury buildings. It's important to note that both TC and DIO points have on-chain and in-game versions. You can deposit or withdraw these through the Xterio platform, facilitating seamless management of your assets. 

That's all for now, commanders! We hope this guide boosts your gameplay as you navigate the Jurassic jungle of Age of Dino. Keep your claws sharp and your mind sharper as you rack up those DIO points!


May 24th 2024


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