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Age of Dino invites players into an expansive dinosaur-themed world where strategy meets survival in a blockchain-powered ecosystem. As commanders of their own destiny, players can build, battle, and ally with others while navigating through a landscape filled with ancient beasts and futuristic technology.

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Age of Dino is a Dinoasaur-themed MMO strategy game built within the Xterio Ecosystem. Offering a free-to-play model, it grants players ownership of in-game assets via blockchain. Age of Dino immerses players in 4X strategy mechanics—exploration, expansion, exploitation, extermination—within a world filled with resources, danger, mutated dinosaurs, and the secretive GeneSys company.

Game Lore

In 2031, a significant discovery of a dinosaur amber mine propels science forward, leading Dr. Gibbs of Dawn Laboratory to revive a raptor, marking a new era. However, this progress brings disaster, as the creation of "Highly-Adaptable Ferns" triggers a global food crisis and societal breakdown. Dr. Gibbs then releases Model II dinosaurs under a "Great Evolution Plan" to bring back the Cretaceous period, sparking a "Dinosaur Crisis" with dinosaurs escaping into the wild. Humanity fights back, with some taking refuge in Australia and others forming "Riders" groups to combat the prehistoric threat, launching a battle for survival in a world reawakened with dinosaurs.

Gameplay and Features

Your journey starts with a headquarters, your base of operations. From there, you'll expand through various buildings, each serving a purpose, from resource production to troop training and technological research. Key buildings like the Material Workshop, Energy Generator, and Ammo Factory are just the beginning. Upgrades are essential for base strengthening, increasing troop capacities, and unlocking new game features.


The development paths in Age of Dino are varied. Train your soldiers, recruit heroes, and push the boundaries of your technological capabilities. Enhancing your commanders with equipment and badges opens up new strategies, and the game teases even more content for those ready to explore.


Dinosaurs aren't just for fighting; they're central to your resource gathering and unit strengthening strategies. Upgrading your dinosaurs makes them more formidable in battle and more efficient in resource collection. Exploration plays a big part here, with wilderness expeditions against enemy patrols revealing the broader narrative and rewarding your efforts.


Combat in Age of Dino is versatile, accommodating solo players and alliances alike. The strategic depth comes from mixing and matching heroes and dinosaurs, each combination offering unique benefits and changing the tide of battle.

Dinosaur Egg Hatcher

A standout feature is the Dinosaur Egg Hatcher minigame, offering a fun and simple way to acquire different dinosaurs. It's designed to keep things interesting, with more minigames promised down the line.

NFTs and Blockchain

Age of Dino is being developed within the emerging Xterio web3 gaming platform. The game presently has two NFT collections. The first one, the Mechpal collection, was allocated to Age of Dino's earliest supporters. On the other hand, the Dinosty PFP collection is expected to have several utilities within the Age of Dino ecosystem, such as token airdrops and in-game privileges.

How to Get Started 

As of April 2024, Age of Dino is rolling out its very first playtest, open to all eager gamers ready for a Dino-filled prehistoric adventure. Running on the emerging Xterio chain, the game dives into the exciting play-to-airdrop trend, offering enticing rewards including tokens and exclusive prizes. For Dinosty holders, the perks get even better, boosting their opportunities to snag these awesome rewards.

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Age of Dino

Age of Dino is an MMO strategy game that allows players to explore, expand, and battle in a dinosaur-themed world.


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