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In Doomsday: Settlers of the Wasteland, players are thrust into a challenging post-apocalyptic world, where survival hinges on strategic resource management and building resilient settlements. This innovative game combines the intrigue of NFTs with immersive gameplay, set against the backdrop of a world recovering from catastrophic events. Players must adapt, strategize, and collaborate to emerge as the ultimate survivors in this ever-changing landscape.

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Welcome to Doomsday, a game that blends the thrill of survival strategy with the innovative use of blockchain technology and NFTs. Set in a world recovering from catastrophic events, players are tasked with building, managing, and defending settlements in a harsh, post-apocalyptic landscape. This immersive game challenges players to think strategically, make critical decisions, and collaborate for survival in a dynamic and evolving world.


Doomsday presents a unique blend of strategy, survival, and blockchain technology, set in a post-apocalyptic world. The game's mechanics are deeply rooted in strategic decision-making, resource management, and interactive gameplay, making it a captivating experience for players.


  • Real-World Locations: Each bunker in the game is located in a real-world city, adding a layer of realism. The bunkers are represented by unique generative artworks based on the city's population, creating a diverse and visually appealing world.
  • On-Chain Positioning: Bunkers are generated using a comprehensive dataset of global cities and are mapped to their GPS locations, stored on-chain for transparency and integrity.
  • Acquisition: Initially available through public minting, bunkers can now be acquired via secondary markets like OpenSea.  

Apocalyptic Impacts

  • Interactive Confirmation: Players can confirm impacts on vulnerable bunkers (within the blast radius). A "Confirm Hit" button facilitates this interaction, and confirmers are rewarded with a portion of the mint cost.
  • Randomized Disasters: The game simulates catastrophic events with impacts occurring every 120 blocks (approximately 30-40 minutes). These impacts are determined on-chain using rolling, retroactive block hashes as a source of randomness.
  • Impact Consequences: Bunkers with pending hit confirmations are locked from being sold, evacuated, or reinforced, adding a strategic layer to gameplay.

Survival and Strategy

Players can reinforce their bunkers to withstand additional hits, with the cost doubling each time. This feature allows for strategic depth and decision-making in the face of impending disasters. Players have the option to evacuate their bunker, destroying it but receiving a portion of the prize pool. This decision-making process adds a risk-reward element to the game.

If a player's bunker is destroyed, the associated NFT is burnt. However, players can mint a copy of their bunker as a souvenir post-game, emphasizing the permanence and consequences of in-game actions.

Economic Model and ETH Distribution

The final surviving bunker wins an ETH jackpot, accumulated from mint fees and reinforcement fees, creating a high-stakes environment. As more bunkers are destroyed, the value of the remaining bunkers increases, as they are backed by a fraction of the prize pool.

Recent Updates

Doomsday has recently announced the release of their latest game Doomsday,Survivors of the Blast, now available on the Layer 2 blockchain, Blast. This new edition preserves the beloved classic Doomsday mechanics and introduces various new gameplay features. Players eager to experience the innovations can explore the game here.

How to Get Started

To begin your adventure in Doomsday, simply visit the Doomsday website and connect your wallet. Participation in the game requires acquiring bunkers, which are available for trade on OpenSea. Familiarize yourself with the gameplay and rules detailed on this page to enhance your experience. Dive in, strategize wisely, and enjoy the thrilling challenge of surviving the Doomsday apocalypse!

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Doomsday: Settlers of the Wasteland is an on-chain survival strategy game where players navigate a post-apocalyptic world, managing resources and alliances to outlast others in a dynamic, evolving environment.