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Yaku immerses players in the year 2089, where they must navigate a cyberpunk metropolis dominated by the mega-corporation Saikou. Players can choose from three unique races and engage in dynamic combat, crafting, and exploration. With customizable avatars and a player-driven economy, Yaku offers a unique blend of traditional MMORPG with web3 elements.

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Yaku is a Sandbox-style Action MMORPG set in a dystopian cyberpunk-fantasy world. Developed by Raijin Labs, the game uniquely integrates Web3 technology, blockchain, and NFTs, allowing players to own their in-game assets. Within Yaku, players can engage in a variety of activities such as exploration, combat, crafting, and trading, all within a player-driven ecosystem. The game is currently in its Alpha stage, with a planned iterative release over the next few years through game modules and seasons. This phased approach allows for continuous expansion and immersion for the community as they participate in the Yaku gaming and co-creation experience.

Game Lore

Set in the year 2089, Yaku takes place in a world dominated by the omnipotent mega-corporation Saikou. The game's lore begins on Emergence Day, a pivotal moment when a divine substance called Seisui emerges, leading to the rise of Yaku's resistance. Players can choose to play as one of three races—Cyborgs, Shinigami, or Robots—each embarking on a journey to transform from mortals into god-like Kami beings. The storyline revolves around the resistance against Saikou, with players managing resources, engaging in political maneuvers, and battling for control in the dystopian landscape of Yakushima City, a cyberpunk metropolis influenced by the real-world map of Hong Kong.

Gameplay and Features

Currently, Yaku offers several key features. The Nexus serves as the central hub with both multiplayer and single-player modes, initial customization options, wallet integration, and the first set of NPCs for interaction. Players can showcase their acquired assets in Capsules, which act as personal showrooms complete with wallet integration for seamless transactions. The game also provides early access to its expansive open world, designed for exploration and adventure, though still in an unoptimized state.

Combat in Yaku is dynamic and action-packed, requiring players to engage in real-time battles using manual aiming, dodging, and combo-based attacks. Players can choose from three unique races—Cyborgs, Shinigami, and Robots—each with distinct abilities and combat styles. This diversity encourages strategic gameplay and the formation of alliances to tackle various challenges within the game.

Crafting is a central feature in Yaku, allowing players to create powerful artifacts, rare items, and essential equipment. The crafting system is dual-faceted, supporting both functional items like weapons and armor, as well as cosmetic items for personal customization. Players gather resources from the game's environment, refine them, and use them to craft and upgrade their gear. This system promotes a professional crafting role within the game's economy, where players can specialize in creating valuable items for personal use or trade.

Looking forward, Yaku plans to enhance its features significantly. The next version of The Nexus will include integrated voice chat and a lobby with leaderboards displaying player data and racing results. The open world will be further optimized for a smoother, more immersive experience, enriched with additional locations, quests, and NPCs. Players will also gain access to their own property within the Yaku metaverse, allowing for extensive personalization and development of their digital real estate. 

NFTs and Blockchain

Yaku leverages blockchain technology to ensure verifiable ownership and transparent transaction histories for in-game assets. Utilizing multichains such as Ethereum, Solana, Arbitrum, and recently XAI, Yaku integrates Web3 features including NFTs for land, buildings, avatars, and gear. The current NFT collections include YAKU X, CAPSULE X, and ONI-S01, available on Magic Eden

In Yaku, player avatars can be customized with various capabilities, and players can own land parcels and properties that serve as showrooms, marketplaces, or bases for crafting and quests. The game emphasizes collaborative gameplay with guilds and alliances, facilitating political gameplay, territorial conquest, and cooperative quests. Flexible wallet solutions support both external Solana wallets and integrated in-game wallets. The in-game economy revolves around the $YAKU token, used for crafting, upgrading items, and accessing premium game areas. Players earn $YAKU tokens through gameplay, airdrops, and special events. 

How to Get Started

Yaku is currently in its Alpha stage and is accessible on the Epic Games Store. Players can join early to experience the initial features and gameplay. Visit the Epic Games Store to download and start exploring the Yaku universe.  

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Yaku is a Sandbox-style Action MMORPG set in a dystopian cyberpunk-fantasy world.


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