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Wilder World boasts a visionary team dedicated to crafting immersive experiences set in the world of Wiami. Launched in 2021, this unique digital world offers a blend of racing experience combined with a shooter release in late 2024. The team, with expertise honed through contributions to blockbuster films and successful games, has spent over 8 years developing Wilder World, dedicating over 2 years to in-world creation.

In this MMO game, players journey through Wiami, a 5D virtual rendition of Miami, Florida. This digital city, shaped by Solarpunk ethos, invites exploration into its revolutionary urban planning and architectural marvels. Built on Unreal Engine 5, Wilder World is offering a highly immersive gaming experience.

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In the current urban setting of Wiami, players immerse themselves in a car racing experience featuring four distinct vehicles: The Wantide 2010, Wevon Wtx 2010, Wambo Wiura 1967, and the Werrari 365 1968. Each vehicle offers its own unique style. The game currently provides access to 5 varied maps: 9 Lives, Luna Lane, Meridian Serge, Underground and Sea Side.

Racers have to do at least 2 laps on each circuit except Underground where it is a minimum of 4 laps. Players have to exercise caution to ensure they have sufficient fuel and NOS reserves before the race begins as not topping this up in the main menu will lead them to continue with the fuel and NOS left over from the previous race.

A noteworthy aspect of Wilder World's current alpha build is its incorporation of the controller steering support, a feature uncommon in web3 games so far.  This integration enhances the gameplay experience for users. While the focus of the current build is primarily on the racing element of the Wilder World franchise, developers have outlined plans for future updates. Version 0.4.0 is expected to introduce an expansive open-world environment, expanding beyond the confines of the racetrack. Subsequent updates will introduce an FPS mode and pave the way for the realization of their MMO ambitions.

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When diving into the intricacies of Wiami within Wilder World, it becomes evident that the development team has poured significant time and attention into crafting a visually captivating environment. Navigating through this digital realm proves to be a delightful journey, with the implementation of NOS adding excitement to this experience. However, while the thrill of speed is well-executed, the handling dynamics, particularly during turns, could benefit from some slight refinement to offer a smoother driving experience. Additionally, occasional obstructions within shortcut pathways disrupt the flow of gameplay, highlighting the need for clearer visual indicators.

Regarding the audio, the sound effects accompanying various actions and vehicle maneuvers are thoughtfully crafted, enhancing the immersive quality of the experience. With this being said, some of the vehicle's engine sound design could be enhanced to represent the type of vehicle better.

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As for gameplay mechanics, Wilder World succeeds in evoking nostalgic echoes reminiscent of titles like Need for Speed Underground 2 and The Crew. Despite a bit of a sluggish start from standstill, the overall gameplay unfolds well, underscored by stunning graphics that amplify the overall experience. 

Overall, Wilder World earns a commendable rating of 7.5/10. Notably, considering its early stage of development, the foundation laid for this MMO game is robust. Anticipate further enhancements and new releases slated for the upcoming months, with May and June poised to unveil some of Wilder World’s biggest developments.

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Wilder World Review

Wilder World impresses with good crafted sound effects, elevating the immersive experience, though there's room for better alignment between auditory and visual elements in new vehicle designs. Gameplay mechanics evoke nostalgic feelings. Despite initial sluggishness but, with stunning graphics enhancing immersion. Awarded an 7.5/10, Wilder World shows promise even in its early stages, with Samsung's partnership heralding accessibility via a range of devices, promising exciting developments ahead in this evolving digital universe.



Great graphics

Smooth gameplay

Early access available on Epic Games Store


Limited replayability due to only five maps

Minor bugs

High hardware requirements

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