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Warriors of Aradena


Warriors of Aradena is a medieval fantasy metaverse. Fight with medieval warriors and fantastical beasts in a revolutionary PvP casual competitive strategy game.

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Aradena: Battlegrounds provides a fresh, captivating, and immersive battle system that demands strategy and delivers endless fun. Warriors of Aradena merges the deck-building mechanisms of CCGs like Hearthstone with the real-time gameplay of games like Civilization, Warhammer, and XCOM. It creates an unparalleled strategy gaming experience set in the medieval fantasy Kingdom of Aradena.

In Battlegrounds, every card that a player plays transforms into a fully animated 3D unit. The player then leads their army across a highly detailed and engaging 3D battlefield, where they must outmaneuver and outsmart their adversary. Movement and placement are vital in Battlegrounds. Players must capitalize on the environment to achieve success by implementing strategic board developments, setting traps, ambushes, gambits, and more.

As Aradena: Battlegrounds continues development, early adopters can utilize Aradena's Questing and Skill Upgrading systems to begin assembling and enhancing their army for Battlegrounds. This feature also allows players to earn unique rewards, engage with exclusive characters, and experience compelling storylines set in the Aradena realm.

Game Modes

Aradena's Battlegrounds offers two main game modes for players: Constructed Monthly Ranked and Weekend Ranked. The core game mode, Constructed Monthly Ranked, allows players to construct their own decks and compete in ranked matches against other players. This mode is always available and forms part of the core gameplay loop, based on silver coins and pack purchasing. Through ranked matches, players can improve their strategies and earn silver coins to buy new cards.

Ranking points will be gained or lost depending on players' performance within Battlegrounds. The highest-ranked players will receive the best rewards, while the opposite is true for those with lower ranks. However, the game will not lock players out of progressing by not providing appropriate rewards or incentives. The aim is to promote competitive gameplay while maintaining fair rewards and incentives.

Weekend Ranked is the primary $AG earn mode in Aradena. Players can join the league on Fridays and play 12 games over the weekend, spending around 6 hours in total or 2 hours each day. A pool of $AG will be available for players to earn, with the top players receiving the most $AG. The game promotes highly competitive and fair gameplay.

The event system will be one of the driving systems of retention for Aradena. It will present users with new and exciting game modes, daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, and varying rewards. A well-designed event system will provide extensive utility in meeting design goals, testing new concepts, and positively influencing player behavior, promoting the use of desired activities.

Card Deck

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The Barracks, a location within Aradena, allows players to view and manage their collection of Aradena NFTs for their in-game army, including warriors, women warriors, various types of units, and stratagem cards. Here, players can modify their army loadout and create multiple loadout templates for different gameplay strategies.

Players have the flexibility to tailor their armies to their preferred strategy, provided they own the desired cards. An army must consist of 21 cards, including the Commanding Warrior, and cannot exceed two copies of the same card. The ideal army should incorporate a diverse range of CP (command point) costing cards to facilitate early, mid, and late-game strategies, with a focus on a specific game phase.

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Card structure is the foundation of building a card in Warriors of Aradena, consisting of three main categories: Card Types, Card Build, and Card Rarity.

Card Types

Warriors of Aradena features three main types of cards: Warriors, Units, and Stratagems. A warrior-type card must be selected as the Commanding Warrior, and players can build their army around a specific strategy or theme by using different types of Warrior cards. Warriors, which are NFTs, give players access to different build strategies, along with features like Recruitment, Questing, Warrior Skills, and the Weekend Tournament mode. The two genesis NFT collections, Warriors of Aradena and Women of Aradena, currently make up the Warrior cards. A third collection of Warriors will be added, created via the Recruitment feature, with access to new assets and races introduced over time. Warrior cards are categorized by their rarity level based on their strength and effectiveness on the battlefield.

  • Unit: Units are cards that can be deployed on the battlefield during gameplay, with silver, gold, or diamond builds. Some unit cards will be player-soulbound or warrior-soulbound. Starter decks will include player-soulbound unit cards, while Warrior holders can access warrior-soulbound unit cards if their warrior has unlocked the respective skill title. Different units are classified based on their rarity level determined by their effectiveness and strength in battles..Β 
  • Stratagem: Stratagem cards are used within the game of Battlegrounds and have unique effects, such as changing the weather or healing a unit. They come in silver, gold, or diamond builds, and some may be player-soulbound or warrior-soulbound. Starter decks include player-soulbound stratagem cards, and the cards are classified by their rarity level based on their effectiveness and strength in-game..Β 
  • Faction: Each card is assigned a faction, except for a set of neutral cards, providing the user with information on the card's general archetype and what type of deck it would be most suited to. Players can mix and match factions within their armies, but the most powerful card synergies exist between cards of the same archetype.Β . For the release of Battlegrounds, there will be four factions to choose from: The Arcane Institute, The Town’s Guard, The Merchant Navy, and The Beast Hunters, with each faction offering a unique and distinguishing archetype related to its lore. Future factions and card thematics will be introduced through expansion sets.

How to Get Started

In order to participate in PvP battles and earn rewards in Warriors of Aradena: Battlegrounds, players must own at least one warrior NFT. These can be acquired directly through Opensea or any of the supported NFT marketplaces. The value of the warrior NFT can be increased through skill upgrades, which in turn increases its tradeable value. As players progress through the game and complete quests, they can earn new unit packs to add to their army. Additionally, players can recruit more warriors, and the properties and stats of their genesis warrior will impact the tier of the recruited warrior.

Players can also loan out their warriors for passive earning through the mercenary system. As a bonus, the original genesis collection of Warriors of Aradena will receive an airdrop of land in Aradena upon ecosystem expansion.

About Warriors of Aradena

Warriors of Aradena

Warriors of Aradena combines the strategy from a trading card game with the movement and positioning found in your favorite turn based strategy games.


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