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Uldor is a free-to-play web3 MMORPG currently in development on UE5. Magic, monsters and adventure fill the lands of Uldor, where you face the evil sorcerer Zoltar. He has enslaved the people, and forces prisoners to fight for their lives against waves of his monstrous minions in his Dread Arena. You face Zoltar and his world as one of these prisoners, but with the help of a mysterious old man, you will discover the power within yourself to rise up against Zoltar and his forces. The story of Uldor is one of oppression, rebellion, and ultimately, victory over evil.

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The upcoming fantasy role-playing game is currently in its alpha stage, with its first playable demo now live through the Elixir Launcher. The demo, called "The Dread Arena," gives players a taste of the exciting gameplay and immersive world that Uldor has to offer. The alpha demo is a great way for players to get a sense of what the game has in store, and to provide feedback to the developers to help shape the final product. Whether you're a seasoned RPG player or new to the genre, Uldor is sure to offer an enjoyable and engaging experience.


Currently, the Dread Arena starts with the player taking on the role of a lone warrior, stranded in a dark and dangerous arena with nothing but a sword to defend yourself. The objective of the game is to survive as long as possible against an endless horde of enemies, each one more deadly than the last. You must use your sword to fight off the enemies, and can also use an elixir to heal yourself when you take damage.

The gameplay in Uldor is fast-paced and action-packed, with a focus on intense combat and quick reflexes. You can improve your chances of survival by choosing from a variety of weapons and stat boosts. These include shields, halberds, and katanas, as well as boosts to health, strength, defense, stamina and speed.

Uldor: The Dread Arena is an exciting and action-packed game that is sure to provide hours of entertainment. The alpha demo gameplay is intense and challenging, with endless waves of enemies coming in to kill the hero. Your choices between elixirs, weapons and stat boosts offer plenty of gameplay variation alongside strategy development. Overall, Uldor feels like a game built with real love for audiences that appreciate serious challenges in a rich, beautiful setting.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Uldor is the community culture that exists since launch. Players compete against each other to see who can kill the most enemies, providing an added level of excitement and motivation to keep playing. The competition was fierce on launch, with the best score on the first day being 414 enemies killed, only to be quickly bested the next day by someone with more than 2000!


Overall, the Uldor alpha demo is an engaging “souls like'' experience that allows players to test the base melee mechanics for the gameplay ahead. Unfortunately once mastered, the alpha leaves more to be desired while I feel close to burned out after about 20 hours of playing without a public leaderboard or profile to build up. Players who are looking for an interesting twist to the souls genre will find it in the alpha, but will need to learn gameplay without a tutorial alongside the typical bugs found in alphas. The next update is planned to include a duos mode and leaderboard which can add to playability, but that will be dependent on the community that they can build and maintain around the alpha experience leading into the full game release.

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Uldor Review

In summary, the Uldor alpha demo offers a captivating "Souls-like" experience for players to preview the base melee mechanics. Although entertaining once mastered, the lack of public leaderboard and profile can become repetitive after extended playtime. The alpha provides a unique twist to the Souls genre, but players will have to learn the gameplay without a tutorial and deal with typical alpha bugs. The upcoming update, which includes a duos mode and leaderboard, has the potential to enhance playability, but it depends on the growth and sustainability of the community leading up to the full game release.



Beautiful graphics w/ scaled down options

Variable gameplay with progressing difficulty


Limited to PVE at launch without leaderboard or player level progression

Occasional glitches with hit registration, death animations and enemy spawns

About 20-40 hours of gameplay before feeling completed

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