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Before we begin, it's important to note that Townstar is a farming game that draws inspiration from Farmville, offering a competitive experience developed by the co-founders of Zynga. As the first game released by Gala Games, Town Star takes the familiar Farmville concept and expands on it by introducing intricate building interactions and resource management.

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At first glance, Townstar may seem like another typical timer-based game, but it quickly evolves and becomes more engaging as you progress through the early stages. Fortunately, the initial gameplay does not involve significant waiting times between actions, which can often diminish interest in similar games.

Townstar provides a guided introduction to setting up the basic systems of your farm and gradually increases the complexity as you advance. The game encourages you to optimize your operations and streamline resource production, such as transforming wood into more valuable products by passing it through various buildings.

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In addition to maximizing profits, you must carefully plan your farm layout as buildings, farming areas, and animal enclosures can have positive or negative effects on each other. Efficient land usage is crucial, ensuring enough space between buildings that may negatively impact each other's productivity. On the other hand, strategically placing farms near water sources eliminates the need for manual irrigation.

Town Star stands out within the farming game genre due to its intricate building interactions and the freedom it offers in creating personalized strategies. Unlike other farming games that follow predetermined patterns, Town Star requires thoughtful decision-making to devise the most effective min/max strategy. However, it's important to consider the in-game timer and your availability to take necessary actions when optimizing production. While many aspects can be automated, certain tasks require your attention to ensure maximum efficiency.

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Visually, Town Star shines with its charming animations that bring the game to life. Even when you're not actively engaged, the animated workers walking along the paths you've created add an immersive element often missing in similar games. It's a welcome touch that sets Townstar apart and should serve as inspiration for future games in the genre.


Overall, despite external controversies, Townstar remains my favorite farming game. I've enjoyed playing it more than any other game in the genre, and I eagerly await future developments to see what new experiences it brings to the table. While I'm already familiar with the strategies I would employ if I were to play again, I anticipate exciting additions that will enhance the gameplay further.

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Town Star Review

Despite external controversies, Townstar is my favorite farming game, providing a more enjoyable experience than any others in the genre. I eagerly anticipate future developments, as I'm curious to see what new experiences and enhancements the game will bring. While I'm already familiar with the strategies I would employ if I were to play again, I look forward to exciting additions that will further enhance the gameplay.



Impressive animation

Intricate system of buildings affecting each other

Relaxing gameplay


Lengthy end game times

Over-reliance on automation

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Town Star is a strategic farming game of building, managing production and using ingredients to craft goods.


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