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After traversing the mine shafts of the Tollan Peaks for several days, you enter what could be the final stages before reaching the outside world. However, dangers lurk around every corner.


Before diving into the first two adventures currently available in Tollan Worlds, I'd like to discuss the game's art and aesthetics. Tollan Worlds excels at setting the scene in both adventures. Though each is underground and similar in ambiance, they're distinctly different, thanks to variations in lighting and a range of traps and puzzles. These differences create a refreshing change of pace and add depth to world interaction. The glimpses we've seen so far suggest a great deal of time and effort went into creating a detailed and visually appealing world for players to enjoy.

Upon reaching the last segment of your mine shaft journey, you'll explore a preset layout of corridors, chambers, and levels, each presenting unique challenges and enemies. Fortunately, you'll be equipped with a sword and a range of unlockable magical abilities discovered during your explorations.

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Throughout your journey, you'll encounter a variety of foes. My critique is the limited enemy variety, which, while understandable given the current adventure setting, can become repetitive due to the lack of variation in encounters. However, the game adds a nice threat level with varied lighting, making it more challenging as the adventure progresses. Without revealing too much, the boss fight is enjoyable, introducing new attack styles and traps. Upon defeating the boss, you'll experience a satisfying sense of accomplishment, and it sets you up perfectly for the next part of the adventure.

As I mentioned, the game also includes traps along the way. You'll encounter slowing spider webs, fireball-shooting towers, and arrows aiming for your head. While these additions are fun, they can also feel a bit underwhelming, as they lack a real sense of danger. This could be improved by increasing the damage caused by these traps or by introducing longer-lasting effects, like semi-permanent debuffs or damage over time.

Another challenge in Tollan Worlds is its puzzles. While this element is well-integrated into the game, offering a fun change of pace, the puzzles themselves aren't overly challenging. However, solving them does provide a sense of success and satisfaction.


Overall, while Tollan Worlds offers engaging and enjoyable gameplay, there is room for improvement. I look forward to exploring more of this world and its story, which, based on the sneak peeks released so far, promises to be as stunning and detailed as the adventure we currently have access to.

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Tollan Worlds Review

Tollan Worlds provides engaging gameplay but has potential for improvement. The world and story hold promise based on the released sneak peeks, offering a stunning and detailed adventure that leaves me excited for more.



Immersive atmosphere and setting in the dungeon

Easy to pick up and start playing

Convenient browser access


Lack of perceived threat and danger from traps and environment

Repetitive and short background audio loop

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