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Thetan Arena is a satisfying brawler that will please fans of Brawl Stars. It offers a classic-style gameplay experience that can be enjoyed in free time. The game's diverse character selection and the urge to secure better characters through tournaments add to the overall enjoyment. The background music and different character styles enhance the experience, and the addition of new maps keeps the gameplay exciting.


The game's user interface allows for easy sign-in through various methods, making it convenient for players to start playing with their own accounts. The UI follows a standard mobile game format, with social options and heroes on the left and features like custom lobbies and leaderboards on the right. Thetan Arena offers a rotation of game modes and maps, including Battle Royale and classic modes like Deathmatch, Superstar, and Tower. This rotation allows players to experience the full range of gameplay options. Additionally, the game allows mobile users to customize the position of their joystick and ability buttons in practice mode, adapting to their preferred holding style.

While the UI is similar to other mobile games, Thetan Arena stands out with its unique character designs. The game features various character classes, including Tanks, Assassins, and Marksmen, allowing players to explore different playstyles. Playing with teammates enables the utilization of class synergies or dominating with a specific class. Starting with characters like Raidon, Veinka, and Bigpapa, players can experiment and discover their preferred abilities. The marketplace offers additional exciting characters such as Chef Octopus, Rei, Benjamin, and Breaker.

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Character designs are visually appealing, as are the diverse maps in the game. Each map provides a unique atmosphere, with features like destructible barrels and areas for hiding. The bright and vibrant visuals maintain consistency across all maps, ensuring an engaging gameplay experience.

Back on the main screen, Thetan Arena allows players to create custom games, encouraging friendly matches. While good communication is crucial in most main modes that require teamwork, solo players can enjoy Battle Royale modes without the need for teammates. In Battle Royale, players must survive among enemies and collect upgrades or avoid bombs. It provides a quick and addictive gameplay experience. While waiting for matchmaking, players can engage in a fun mini-game that helps improve their abilities.

The main modes of Tower, Superstar, and Deathmatch offer unique experiences. These modes cater to different playstyles, with Superstar mode being particularly entertaining to watch. Each mode brings its own fun aspect to the game and adds variety.


However, Thetan Arena falls short in a few areas. The game's reliance on premium characters leaves the free-to-play characters feeling repetitive and can make players crave a change. The game also faces the challenge of balancing paid characters against free characters, often putting free character users at a disadvantage. Additionally, there is a minor issue with auto attacks not adapting to multiple nearby targets. Despite these drawbacks, the overall gameplay, fluid movement, and atmospheric elements contribute to an enjoyable experience, especially on mobile devices.

Thetan Arena adds another brawler to the gaming scene, with potential for esports. It offers a fun experience for fans of brawlers and introduces competitive gameplay.

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Thetan Arena Review

Thetan Arena offers cute and vibrant graphics, making it visually appealing. It is a fun game, but it can be challenging to compete against paid players when playing for free. The sound effects are initially enjoyable, but the music can become irritating after a while. Compared to games like Brawl Stars, Thetan Arena lacks a wide selection of free characters to try. However, the customizable control layout helps make the gameplay less overwhelming, with only a few buttons to press during gameplay. The game may lack endless replayability without frequent updates, similar to the issues faced by games like Fall Guys. However, its strong potential for esports and the ability to create and host custom game types are noteworthy features.



Beautiful character and map designs

Fast-paced and addictive gameplay

Variety of game modes and maps for entertainment

Tutorial mode for easy learning

Minimal bugs and server-related lag

Diverse abilities that enhance character playstyles

Custom lobbies and friend system for hosting tournaments and events


Potential pay-to-win aspect when facing non-free characters

Lack of options to change auto attack enemy targeting

Difficulty competing against teams while playing solo

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Thetan Arena is an esport game based on blockchain technology. You can gather your friends, form a team, battle with others and earn money with just your skills.


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