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When you think of speedrunning, games like Minecraft, Mario, and Dark Souls immediately come to mind. Even on Twitch, Super Mario 64 still ranks among the top games being streamed, with numerous users engaged in speedrunning the game.

Completing a level in its entirety is a noteworthy achievement in some games, but taking that skill and using it to finish the entire game in the time it takes someone to finish a single level earns you a prestigious status symbol within the gaming community. With this concept in mind, Unioverse set out to capture the sense of accomplishment associated with speedrunning and combined it with a visually stunning and ever-expanding world, resulting in The Proving Grounds.


The Unioverse is more than just a game; it's an entire universe with various champions and worlds that players will delve into and explore further as more comics, lore, stories, and game content develop. Currently, there are five heroes in the Unioverse, with two being playable, including Reyu and Krishah, both featured in the game The Proving Grounds. These heroes aren't mere reskins of previously released ones; they come with their own unique weapons and special abilities.

For instance, Reyu wields a staff that fires singular shots and requires recharging after a set number of shots, alongside a larger samurai-style blade for melee combat. In contrast, Krishah uses a staff with a triple-shot capability and dual-wielding smaller blades for faster melee attacks. Each hero offers a distinct gameplay experience, allowing players to choose their preferred approach to the game.

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Upon entering the Unioverse, the first striking feature is the game's stunning graphics. Players are prompted to sign in either through their browser or by entering a mobile code sent to them. Once in the game, players can see their character NFT, whether it's a standard character like Reyu or Krishah or a clone of them. Currently, only Krishah clones are playable. An editor for the Reyu sword is available, allowing players to customize their weapon with colors and effects of their choice. However, a Reyu sword blank is required, which can be purchased from the Unioverse website marketplace. The photo mode enables players to create custom images of their heroes for sharing online, providing a close-up view of the meticulously detailed and well-crafted hero graphics.

Clicking "play" grants access to all the games within the Unioverse and a leaderboard, which plays a pivotal role in the game's entertainment factor. Players are in constant competition with friends and others in the community to claim the top spots on the leaderboard. Currently, The Proving Grounds serves as the primary source of content within the game, with plans for a level creator to allow players to craft their own maps for leaderboard challenges.

The game begins in a white corridor, and it's entirely up to the player to decide how to reach the end. The tutorial provides basic instructions on controls and survival, leaving exploration and discovery of the ending to the player. This adds to the overall fun of the game, as the first playthrough is the longest, yet players strive to improve their times and compete against themselves and others on the leaderboard. The game features diverse areas, from the corridor and glass hall to a space station loading dock with a massive spinning battery in the center, as well as various gates to explore.

Gameplay durations range from five minutes to an hour, depending on the chosen route. The initial playthrough feels like a trip through a museum, with players in awe of their surroundings, identifying enemy positions, and determining the best way to land critical hits for one-shot kills. A beautifully designed boss fight adds to the charm of this well-crafted platformer.

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The Unioverse builds on existing elements found in many games, including challenging areas that require mastery, a tutorial to introduce controls, and a global leaderboard to fuel competition. Through The Proving Grounds, it takes community involvement to a new level, with frequent game updates to keep the experience fresh and engaging. These changes are implemented so frequently that the community collaborates to share strategies, leveling the playing field in the leaderboard race. Game updates, such as the addition of gamertags, are already in progress, enabling players to identify the top leaderboard contenders. This practice of involving the community leads to a healthy and vibrant player base, alongside a game that continually improves to match the greatness brought by its players.

After completing the tutorial and playing The Proving Grounds several more times, the controls become second nature to players. Even after taking a break for a few days and returning to the game, it feels just as enjoyable, if not better.

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With frequent updates, the game has few issues with mechanics or gameplay. Occasionally, players may encounter glitches related to hitboxes, which can lead to a critical shot or a minor movement issue with barriers, resulting in frustration. However, these occasional hiccups are typically addressed in subsequent updates, making the game an extremely enjoyable experience.


In summary, when considering platformers like Jump King, Only Up, Limbo, and Rayman Legends, The Proving Grounds offers a player-centric experience with multiple heroes that enhance the overall enjoyment. Frequent updates keep the game fresh and exciting while players continue to discover the best routes in each new update. With captivating sound design, occasionally frustrating death sounds, easy-to-learn but hard-to-master mechanics, players will find themselves immersed in the game for hours on end, losing track of their runs and restarts as they aim for better times.

The Proving Grounds sets a standard that we expect to see in all of the Unioverse's future games, ensuring they are well-crafted, expertly designed, and incredibly enjoyable to play. The game's constant updates, weekly leaderboard challenges, and the ability to earn Proten from completing runs with your NFT heroes make it an irresistible choice, highly recommended for everyone to try at least once and experience how quickly they get hooked.

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The Unioverse Review

The Proving Grounds offers a player-centric experience with multiple heroes, frequent updates, captivating sound design, and challenging mechanics, making it highly immersive and addictive. It sets a standard for future Unioverse games, providing well-crafted and enjoyable gameplay with ongoing updates, leaderboard competitions, and NFT hero rewards, making it a compelling choice for gamers.



Captivating Soundtrack

Stunning Graphics and Lore-Enriching World

Near-Infinite Replayability

Diverse and Well-Designed Heroes

Beginner-Friendly Learning Curve


Occasional Hitbox Glitches

Excessive Fall Damage

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