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The Immortal Game describes itself as the world’s first play-and-earn chess game. The title takes on the classic chess formula and puts a spin on it by using blockchain and NFT technology. The Immortal NFTs resembling chess pieces play a pivotal role in the game’s mechanics as it has the underlying earning mechanism in the form of challenges and quests for players to complete during their matches.

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It is difficult to judge a chess game as the rules haven’t changed for centuries. Nonetheless, The Immortal Game with their NFTs managed to add a new life to the classical board game. The challenges and quests assigned to the NFTs keep it refreshing. On top of that, it pushes you to try out different pieces from the game’s in-game marketplace as you are tempted towards challenges that suit your playstyle or are assigned to a higher rarity of the same piece.

For example, the “Capture a Pawn before any other kind of piece” is assigned to Knights. You can find the same quest assigned to various rarities of Knights and picking up a higher rarity from the marketplace rewards you with more points. By rarities, we mean its purity level, and there are four purity levels, each with a fixed number of possible reward points.

  • Rough: 1 point
  • Polished: 5 points
  • Piece of Art: 15 points
  • Masterpiece: 35 points

An Immortal team’s value enables players to participate in different leagues. Although this mechanism can be seen as slightly pay-to-win, it doesn’t affect the gameplay in any way other than boosting your potential earnings and making you eligible for specific tournaments.

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In addition to that, an entertaining aspect of The Immortal Game is its spectating feature. It allows you to watch other players compete against each other in various modes to try and learn from them. At the same time, the platform itself pushes the learning narrative heavily to attempt and attract as many new players as possible.

The Immortal Game makes the onboarding experience smooth for anyone who wants to immediately jump into a game as it is just a few clicks away from the home screen. Luckily, you don’t have to own an Immortal NFT to play the game. You can still enjoy competing against other players in the Standard mode, but the only downside is that you won’t be able to earn while playing.

The final aspect The Immortal Game manages to pull off is their collaborations with top chess players for branded tournaments. For example, at the time of writing, the Alireza Tournament is scheduled for November 21, 2022 between 3 and 4 PM UTC. Alireza  is the world’s 4th best chess player at the moment. This adds a lot of credibility to the platform when passionate chess players can instantly see their icons play with and against them on The Immortal Game.


The Immortal Game cleverly integrated blockchain and NFTs into a classic board game that has stayed the same for centuries. The innovative quests attached to each chess piece with the varying rarities and purities add tons of flavor and help keep it fresh for both players and content creators. The only downfall is these mechanics being gated behind paid walls as you have to own at least one Immortal to experience any of these features.

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The Immortal Game Review

With the gigantic size of the chess community, The Immortal Game does a tremendous job at opening a new opportunity for anyone interested in being rewarded for their time playing chess while collecting beautifully designed NFTs. The Immortal Game has little flaws considering it doesn't change any element of the chess formula that has existed for centuries but adds to it their own with challenges and quests assigned to each NFT chess piece.



Beautifully designed chess NFTs

Enjoyable quests and challenges

Consistent tournaments

Tons of educational material


Earning mechanism gated behind NFTs

Higher rarity NFTs earn more

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Immortal Game

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March 17th 2022

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The Immortal Game

Immortal Game is the World’s First Play-and-Earn Chess Platform.


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